• Cypress ZigBee Support?

    Hello everyone,   I have been researching different Cypress products to see if any of them has inbuilt ZigBee support. However, I haven't found a device that has the inbuilt support. As a result I wanted to ask ...
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  • OpenThread supporting

    Hello community, I wonder does Cypress support OpenThread by Google, or have it in plans. It is an is open-source implementation of Thread and will be very cool to have supporting. Here is Link to product https://o...
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  • WICED Wi-Fi  IoT Example Projects: Remote Weather Station, Bee-Keeping, and more!

    Hello Problem Solvers!   I'm Matthew, a Product Marketing Engineer here at Cypress. In my last quarter of grad school at Santa Clara University this past spring, I took an Internet of Things course that was co-...
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  • Build a Secure, Low-Power Bluetooth Hub and Sensor Network

    By Stephen Evanczuk Contributed By Digi-Key's North American Editors 2018-07-31   With its widespread availability on mobile devices, Bluetooth is well suited for providing consumers with easy wireless access to...
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  • IoT connectivity and the benefits of a single ecosystem

    Large manufacturers of electronics devices make very strict demands of the RF ICs which they use to embed Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and/or Zigbee connectivity into their products, writes Mike Fortner of Cypress Semiconductor. ...
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  • Continuous Infrastructure Delivery Pipeline with AWS CodePipeline, CodeBuild and Terraform

    This explores how to build low-maintenance Continuous Delivery pipelines for Terraform, by using AWS building blocks CloudFormation, CodePipeline and CodeBuild.   Cloud Formation   Cloud Formation is the w...
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  • Links to WICED Smart SDK

    I can´t access to WICED Smart SDK, links at IoT Designs Home Automation  seems to be broken:       The page you are looking for has moved.   Cypress Semiconductor acquired Broadcom'...
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  • Broadcom Cellular

    Am I mistaken when I think of Broadcom for Cellular technology? Broadcom's BCM61755's marketing information states the part's purpose is to "offload data traffic from increasingly congested 3G, 4G/LTE mobile and WiF...
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  • How to obtain IOT Hardware Reference Platform BCM923550_EVB?

    New member's first question that I would appreciate some guidance from the knowledgeable members here on:   Where can I buy the above IOT reference platform hardware & software development kit ?   I am...
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  • Actually availables WiFi 802.11 b/g/n + BLE combo SoC or Modules

    Hi all,   Recently I became interested to IoT modules and SoC solutions, I've searched and found only "WiFi 802.11 b/g/n + MCU SoC" or "BT + MCU SoC" but nothing satisfactory for combo solutions "WiFi 802.11 b/g...
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  • Purchasing bcm4548?

    Hello everyone,   I'm new at this forum but It seems so complex to purchase any product with Broadcomm,and this is the question: what's the required process to buy something? Is it necessary to be a partner?
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  • Broadcom WICED/IoT: Images from CES 2016...

    Overall, CES 2016 was an excellent showcase for our WICED/Broadcom IoT offering.   The new BCM20739 as an enhanced ultra low power Bluetooth/BLE SoC and highly integrated BCM43907 Wi-Fi devices were highlighted ...
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  • The Broadcom Community Forums now have language translation capabilities...

    Recently, we setup language translation capabilities here on the Broadcom Community, so I wanted to take a minute to explain how to leverage this feature during your day to day interactions with the Community.   ...
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  • Broadcom Announces New Global Navigation and Positioning Chip for Internet of Things Market

    New Broadcom IoT solution Saves Power and Improves Location Experience for Growing Number of Connected Devices   http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/broadcom-announces-new-global-navigation-and-positioning-c...
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  • Broadcom’s WICED™ CORE Enhanced Low Power Devices: Four Times the Battery Life for IoT Sensors...

    One of the biggest gripes about early generations of sensor-driven Internet of Things devices (think: beacons, wearables and such) is that they’re power-hungry.   To collect and analyze the most accurate d...
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  • Broadcom’s IoT Vision: It’s All About Partners and the Cloud Ecosystem...

    The Internet of Things is expected to usher in the biggest and fastest spread of technology in history, adding trillions of dollars to the global economy and potentially billions of new connected devices to the market...
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  • The Broadcom Community will be down for approximately 6 hours on 1/4/16...

    Hello Everyone, In an effort to provide the latest series of enhancements available for the community website platform, the entire Broadcom Community will be down for approximately 6 hours on 1/4/16 to accommodate th...
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  • Broadcom Smartwatch Platform

    Hello,   I'm looking for more information regarding Broadcom's Smartwatch Platform as mentioned here:  News Release | Broadcom   For starters I'd like to see a picture and some introductory material.
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  • Broadcom's WICED Smart Ready SoC Doubles Data Rates for IoT Devices

    News Release | Broadcom
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  • Anaren Introduces Atmosphere 1.1 Development Platform – Further Enabling Customers Using Broadcom-based AIR for WICED Modules to Achieve Bluetooth® Smart Connectivity

    Anaren Introduces Atmosphere 1.1 Development Platform – Further Enabling Customers Using Broadcom-based AIR for WICED Mo…
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