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Hello Community Members,


There is so much experience, talent and knowledge coming from our community members. We see so many great discussions and content being shared.

We wanted to introduce a living resource for all of you to reference:


Favorite resources, sites and blogs from our Cypress team and community members



We have broken content down into several categories:


  • Cypress Specific Sites
  • Project Sites
  • Product Specific
  • Cypress Partners
  • Communities
  • Blogs
  • Social


We also need content for the following categories:

  • Cool Stuff
  • Training
  • eBooks


We hope you find these sites useful. This is called a ‘living’ resource because we want your ideas!


Please add your feedback and recommendations for your top destinations.



  • Be sure to include the link and a description
  • The destination or resource must be free to access and/or download
  • Please make sure there is no requirement for special software, registration fee or purchase
  • We also prefer not to link to competitors sites if at all possible


Thanks for looking and sharing!


The Cypress Community Team

Hello Community Members,


Our team is working on a list of requests to optimize the community and also offer innovative areas to further assist you with leveraging Cypress products.One request came from several of our top contributors who really wanted us to create a dedicated area for members to share code examples.


We are excited to announce that we have just fulfilled this request by launching:


Community Code Examples.

code sharing area .png


As part of this effort we are moving all existing code examples to this area and categorizing them so they are more easy for you to locate. Please note that we are moving the entire discussion which includes the code to ensure none of the history or context will be lost. If you see code examples elsewhere in the community that belong here be sure to let us know.


We invite you to visit the Community Code Examples Area other members have spent considerable time developing some of these solutions. Before participating please be sure to review and adhere to the Cypress Community Code Example Area- Terms and Conditions (Terms) Document and also reference Sharing Code- Best Practices.


If you have feedback or ideas be sure to email us directly, @mention SaraL_86 or just comment on this post.


Best Regards,



The Cypress Community Team

Hello Cypress Community Members,


Welcome to the Community Manager Blog where you can learn more about updates, the team, new offerings and just about anything related to the community.



I joined the Cypress team at the end of 2018 and am 100% dedicated to our online community. I started my corporate career working with website localization and have spent the last 10+ years focused on community management. I have experience with all types of communities but particularly enjoy technical B2B communities. My expertise is with end to end management of online communities and rolling out dynamic programs and tools for those global audiences. Ultimately we are here to offer more resources to you- our members. I find it both challenging and rewarding to help people solve problems.


sara with tropy small.jpg


I love tech – and was drawn to Cypress because of its unique culture. In my free time I’m an equestrian, dirt biker and compete in various auto sports. I thought I would share this particular picture because I strongly believe as we move forward with the evolution of the Cypress Community we are all focused on solving problems for each other. When we collaborate and work smarter together we all win.


Community Projects


Over the next year you can expect to see

  • Updates to community pages
  • New programs & offerings
  • Community instructional tips
  • User experience improvements



As we are planning and making changes we will alert you via this blog so be sure to subscribe. You may also feel free to message or email me directly at any time for questions, ideas and feedback.


Cheers, Sara & Team