• Top Discussion Threads: December 2019

    Hello Cypress Community Members,   We’re excited about the new year and working with all of you on your questions, projects and ideas.   In an effort to start highlighting some of our member collab...
    Sara Leslie
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  • How to post to a community forum?

    Silly question, I know, but how can I post to a forum?   I've registered as Cypress' user and opened 'Wiced Studio Wi-Fi/Combo' forum page. I can't find any 'submit a question' button...   I tried hitting...
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  • Trouble downloading Files

    Hello   I've trying to download the zip file that contains drivers, tools etc for the FM4 starter kit:   https://www.cypress.com/documentation/development-kitsboards/sk-fm4-176l-s6e2cc-fm4-family-quick-sta...
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  • Inability to download Serial Port Viewer And Terminal Software

    Just had the run around on this one in both Chrome & Edge. I'm following the installation instructions and was prompted to download the Serial Port Viewer And Terminal software, which is available from https://www...
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  • Unable to run test case on testrail from Cypress.

    I have correctly followed the steps of installing "cypress-testrail-reporter".   I configured the cypress.json as "reporter": "cypress-testrail-reporter",     "reporterOptions": {   &...
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  • Usage Guidelines for Cypress Developer Community

    The Cypress Developer Community is a resource for users, customers and partners to help them collaborate, share information and best practices for our products. This community is a global environment for the benefit o...
    Sara Leslie
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  • How to complete the requested action of updating my status

    Each time I login I get the following, which after a while becomes irritating. Any clues?   You haven't updated your status yet — Update your status
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  • Company name

    How to change the company name in my profile ?
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  • SSO error when i signed in using Chrome

    SSO 错误 尝试通过单点登录 (SSO) 验证时发生错误。 单击此处重试。 下面提供有调试信息: - Attempting SAML2 authentication using profile urn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:2.0:profiles:SSO:browser - Building credential from keystore entry for entityID sbs, usage ...
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  • CDC 3.0 入门 (User's Guide-Chinese)

    欢迎来到赛普拉斯开发者社区(CDC 3.0)。 无论您是对赛普拉斯最新创新产品感兴趣的客户,合作伙伴或开发商,赛普拉斯开发人员社区都为您提供了一个与全球赛普拉斯专家和其他嵌入式工程师学习,分享和参与的场所。
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  • 初めてのCDC 3.0 (User's Guide-Japanese)

    CDC 3.0 (Cypress Developer Community 3.0)へようこそ!サイプレスの最新技術に ご興味をお持ちのお客様, パートナー, 開発者の皆様へCDC 3.0をご紹介します。CDC 3.0は、サイプレスのエンジニアや、世界中の組込み製品の開発者と共に、技術やノウハウを習得, 共有, 交流するコミュニティサイトです。
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  • Community Help- Login Questions?

    Hello Community Members,   If you ever experience issues with logging in or have ANY questions or ideas regarding the community- you can feel free to post here and/or email me directly.   sara.leslie@cypre...
    Sara Leslie
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  • Update to Cypress Community Member UserId's

    Hello Cypress Community Members,   Your privacy is of utmost importance to us. In response to member requests we have updated the user id/naming strategy for better anonymity.   If you have already alter...
    Sara Leslie
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  • Cypress Community Tip: How to Delete my Content

    As a Cypress Community member you have the opportunity to post content and feedback in a variety of ways.   You can post a discussion thread or question, share a document (TKB) or comment on others content. ...
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  • Only a limited number of entrees displayed in the Recent Discussions list?

    Hi, I noticed that only 15 discussions are listed in the "Recent Discussion" section. When "More" button is pressed, then another 15 threads are displayed (total 30). I don't see any "pages" or  "number of threa...
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  • 50,000 Forum Points

    It is an honor to be a part of this forum. When I started with Cypress PSoCs about 12 years ago there was a PSoC1 and you needed an ICE cube when you wanted to debug. Nowadays there is the well known Kitprog that come...
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  • Cypress Community Tip: Browser Translation Tools

    If you are visiting the Cypress Community, you may want to view content in a language other than English. Here are browser settings to help you change the language settings.   *Please note they will update the ...
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  • Welcome to the Community Information Area

    Hello Cypress Community Members,   I'm happy to announce I have joined Cypress as your new Community leader. 100% of my job is working with the community and to improve the experience for you.   We are i...
    Sara Leslie
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