• further details on my failed attempts to write function values to arrays

    Hi again folks. I've sent you a simplified test program, including what works and what does not. Type of psoc and version of creator are irrelevant, but I'm using a psoc5, creator version 3.3 (less clutter than latest...
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  • CYPD3196-24LDXS application

    Hi Customer is asking how to set the application circuit using CYPD3196-24LDXS with DCDC-converter. DCDC has FB terminal need to be connected to FB pin of CYPD3196. And pullup-R must be 200K Ohm. Regarding pulldown...
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  • CY37128P100-125AXI datsheet VCC vs CY37128.ZIP VCC

    From Ultra3700 CPLD Family datasheet page 33. VCCO:12,24,37,49,62,74,90,99 VCC: 40,87   From CY37128.ZIP VCCEXT:12,24,40,49,62,74,87,99 VCCINT:37,90   Which one should I use it for my board?   Re...
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  • CYUSB301X is in 32bit mode.

    CYUSB301X is in 32bit mode. The questions about the interface that is supported in 32bit mode. Is it possible to use GPIO53 ~ GPIO56 SPI mode in 32bit mode? And is it possible to use GPIO50 ~ GPIO52 GPIO mode in 32bit...
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  • Debugging "ota2_bootloader.c"

    Hi,   I am working on BCM943909WCD1, and whenever I placing debug break point(s) in "ota2_bootloader.c", the following error pops up.   The "ota2_bootloader.c" file is present in that particular director...
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  • how to create a  scene with a specify parameters

    hi  all: as I know, I can create a scene without any parameter.    I take the dimmable light device for example.  we suppose the currently status of light is on, and the lightness is 50%. if I ...
    created by mawu_4270096
  • Are MyCase discussions confidential and private?

    For instances where the sharing of proprietary or confidential information could increase the likelihood of issue identification or resolution, does Cypress recommend customers filter out any proprietary or confidenti...
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  • How to find Everything

    One of my many PSoC4 BLE projects scrolled off the recent projects list in PSOC Creator.   (My directory structure is not very well organized).  After most of one day trying to find the version of the p...
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  • Cypress Community Tip: How to Ask a Question

    There are two primary ways to ask questions in the Cypress Community.   Make sure you are logged into the Cypress Community. If you are logged in you will see your name and Avatar on the right-hand side of the p...
    Sara Leslie
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  • What is the GPMC configuration for Sitara AM335x processor?

    Hi,   I am working from scratch on Sitara AM335x processor. I need to configure EMIF for DDR3L. Please help me in configuration of EMIF.   Regards Gaurav
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  • Google account SSO disabled?

    Hello,   Has the Google account SSO been disabled? I can't see the button on the login page now - I needed to reset my password using the same email address.   Thank you, David
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  • Favorite resources, sites and blogs from our Cypress team and community members

    Here are top resources submitted by the Cypress team and other community members.     Cypress Specific Sites https://www.cypress.com/cypress-store Cypress store https://www.cypress.com/video-library...
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  • Top Discussion Threads: December 2019

    Hello Cypress Community Members,   We’re excited about the new year and working with all of you on your questions, projects and ideas.   In an effort to start highlighting some of our member collab...
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  • How to post to a community forum?

    Silly question, I know, but how can I post to a forum?   I've registered as Cypress' user and opened 'Wiced Studio Wi-Fi/Combo' forum page. I can't find any 'submit a question' button...   I tried hitting...
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  • Trouble downloading Files

    Hello   I've trying to download the zip file that contains drivers, tools etc for the FM4 starter kit:   https://www.cypress.com/documentation/development-kitsboards/sk-fm4-176l-s6e2cc-fm4-family-quick-sta...
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  • Inability to download Serial Port Viewer And Terminal Software

    Just had the run around on this one in both Chrome & Edge. I'm following the installation instructions and was prompted to download the Serial Port Viewer And Terminal software, which is available from https://www...
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  • Unable to run test case on testrail from Cypress.

    I have correctly followed the steps of installing "cypress-testrail-reporter".   I configured the cypress.json as "reporter": "cypress-testrail-reporter",     "reporterOptions": {   &...
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  • Usage Guidelines for Cypress Developer Community

    The Cypress Developer Community is a resource for users, customers and partners to help them collaborate, share information and best practices for our products. This community is a global environment for the benefit o...
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  • How to complete the requested action of updating my status

    Each time I login I get the following, which after a while becomes irritating. Any clues?   You haven't updated your status yet — Update your status
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  • Company name

    How to change the company name in my profile ?
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