• MIPI CS2 input timing和CX3 mipi interface configuration 的关系是什么?

    hi sirs,     MIPI CS2 input timing和CX3 mipi interface configuration 的关系是什么? CX3 mipi interface configuration  中的值设置成什么是合理的?
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  • Touch sensitivity problem

         工业类客户有触摸需求,产品用于仪器仪表上的触摸控制动作,客户这边触摸的场景是要穿透2mm的钢板和6mm的玻璃,由于工业产品的稳定性要高,客户这边想确认下Cypress PSoc4系列的MCU的capsense触摸在这样的场景下能否精确实现触摸?会不会有不稳定的表现?
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  • How to solve analog routing problem ?

    Hello,   As a part of the University project me and my colleagues were working on developing a robot controller unit by using PSoC 4200M as a slave and half of the development was already done by the previous gr...
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  • restart counter

    Hello Cypress   I am using a Timer Counter with a clock of 1 MHz. My frequency is 20 Hz (50,000 counts). When its unitl a value it trigger an output and after it needs to change the output again. But what it is ...
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  • how to implement function generator like sine , triangle in psoc 5lp using vdac and uart

    can someone help in implementing a signal generator waveforms like sine , square, triangular , sawtooth using VDAC and UART in psoc 5lp . seti am struck at setting the frequency of waveform and how to vary fine and co...
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  • Discharge Diode for Reset pin of CX3

    Hi, Can someone confirm if discharge diode is required for the reset pin of CX3 or FX3 Thanks, Menaka
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  • RAW8 configure error

    hi sirs,     i want to config raw8 format,but here has somes error ,please help me!   CIS clk = (3840*8)*10^6/30.72/2/2 = 250MHZ ,but the tool calc result is 749.95 ? where is error about ou...
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  • How to make a mobile app

    Mobile browsing is taking over desktop browsing by a massive amount. Thousands and millions of people are shifting to their smartphones in search of local businesses, gaming needs, taxi/cab-hailing needs, and even to ...
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  • Does Nebula Rev 2.0 support ST-Link-v2?

    Hi all,   I am new to STM32. I've been trying to program my Nebula 2.0 to, say, blink LED5 every 500ms. I've tried to do this with STM32 Cube IDE, which is STMicro's IDE (I've resorted to this because I did not ...
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  • Dual Application mode in PSOC 5LP

    I am trying to use the dual application mode. I tried doing a single application and I was successfull. As per the datasheet I have configured the bootloader with Dual application, Auto switching and stuff. But If I k...
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  • AUTOMCU recommend

    我们这边主要做在车载中控上空调面板上的触摸的,需要7个触摸按键,对MCU I/O的资源算下来大概二三十个引脚,需要通过LIN总线通信,车规级-40到105C,有合适的推荐下嘛?
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  • How to connect an output pin?

    Hello Communiy,   I know it is a dumb question. What I want to to do, it is after a timer is finished, the micro will send a signal to put something in high value. I have put a timer with its interrupt also a di...
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  • Company name

    How to change the company name in my profile ?
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  • CDC Web not stable?

    Hi,   I wonder when this started, but recently I often receive error message like below, saying   "The content that you requested could not be displayed due to an error. You may have been logged out. If...
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  • SSO error when i signed in using Chrome

    SSO 错误 尝试通过单点登录 (SSO) 验证时发生错误。 单击此处重试。 下面提供有调试信息: - Attempting SAML2 authentication using profile urn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:2.0:profiles:SSO:browser - Building credential from keystore entry for entityID sbs, usage ...
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  • CDC 3.0 入门 (User's Guide-Chinese)

    欢迎来到赛普拉斯开发者社区(CDC 3.0)。 无论您是对赛普拉斯最新创新产品感兴趣的客户,合作伙伴或开发商,赛普拉斯开发人员社区都为您提供了一个与全球赛普拉斯专家和其他嵌入式工程师学习,分享和参与的场所。
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  • 初めてのCDC 3.0 (User's Guide-Japanese)

    CDC 3.0 (Cypress Developer Community 3.0)へようこそ!サイプレスの最新技術に ご興味をお持ちのお客様, パートナー, 開発者の皆様へCDC 3.0をご紹介します。CDC 3.0は、サイプレスのエンジニアや、世界中の組込み製品の開発者と共に、技術やノウハウを習得, 共有, 交流するコミュニティサイトです。
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  • Cypress Community- Planned Maintenance Tonight 7:15 PST

    Hello Community Members,   The Cypress Developer Community will be unavailable tonight from 7:15-8:15 PST for planned maintenance. Please save any unfinished content or posts prior to the outage to avoid losing a...
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  • Cypress Community Tip: How to Ask a Question

    There are two primary ways to ask questions in the Cypress Community.   Make sure you are logged into the Cypress Community. If you are logged in you will see your name and Avatar on the right-hand side of the p...
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  • Community Help- Login Questions?

    Hello Community Members,   If you ever experience issues with logging in or have ANY questions or ideas regarding the community- you can feel free to post here and/or email me directly.   sara.leslie@cypre...
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