• FreeRTOS-Unable to print temperature on LCD

    Hi, I am using PSoC 5LP., trying to display temperature using freertos by creating two tasks. one to read and calculate temp and other to print on lcd. the lcd is not displaying temperature. I don't understand what i...
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  • CY8CPROTO-063-BLE and UART

    Hello,   For the same app, same settings, on a new board : UART on P5.1 TX works, P5.0 RX do not work (labeled on the board) UART on P6.5 TX works, P6.4 RX works     Did I miss something ?   R...
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  • Signal Generator in PSoC 6 info

    Hi everyone!   I have to generate a Chirp signal in my PSoC 6 BLE Prototyping kit. Can I use the NOP instruction in the for loop to change frequency? Or is there a component to tune the frequency?
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  • Consulting with CY8CMBR3110-SX2I

    我们想做一个接近触摸感性的按键,应用场景是我们是想用手在铜片附近挥动的时候,这个芯片能感应到,距离2cm左右,包括塑料的壳体。可以不用很准,我们可以多动几次。 请问下CY8CMBR3110的触摸按键是否可以实现这种接近感应?谢谢!
    created by RoPe_2386886

    Hi, I am using PACTRON'S FX3S FPGA Dev Board REV-C. In  cyfxusbuart example I want to use CyU3PDebugPrint().But its not working. After the CyFxUSBUARTAppInit(); function I put CyU3PDebugInit (CY_U3P_LPP_SOCKET...
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  • Download the program to your own board

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  • Guard Sensor implementation with two CY8CMBR3116 supporting 20 buttons

    On the board I designed, two  MBR3116 are fitted to support 18 buttons. Each group of 9 buttons ( 3 row x 3 column)  is surrounded by its corresponding shield. Keypad is 3 row x 6 x column   The distan...
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  • PSoc 63关于flash读写问题

    Q1:flash的写接口函数一次性只能写一行(row)吗? Q2:flash写之前必须要擦除吗? Q3:调用写接口后,怎么查看flash内部的数据是否写成功?
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  • Questions about configuring CY8MBR3110

    Hi everybody,   I'm new to the capacitive touch world and I'm designing a touch panel that must work in a very noisier environment and I have some questions about properly configuring the CY8MBR3110 chip.  ...
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  • modusToolbox can not add Middleware/Library files

    I am using Modustoolbox 1.1, and using Git to add my project as "adding project from from file system" so far no problem I can add my project and build it. However, I can not add any library through "Select Middlewar...
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  • Using DFS channels in Jody-w1

    Hello,   I am using the Jody-W1 chip. I want to use all available channels in 5Ghz (that are allowed in current country). Unfortunately, the only frequencies I see when setting country to US are:   Freque...
    created by MiDi_4074381
  • Bootloader Command not recognized

    I have a product developped on PSOC3 and PSOC Creator 3.3.  For some reason, I wanted to migrate the design on PSOC Creator 4.2.  The design works well in 4.2 but when it cames to use Host Bootloader 4.2 to ...
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  • CY8C9520A INT not deactivated after reading Interrupt Status Port Register

    I configured the device to read and write pins on ports 0 and 1. Reading and writing pins works as expected. The interrupt mask for port 1 is set with 0 for pin 0 to enable Interrupt on port 1 pin 0. This pin is set ...
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  • Where can I find CY8C5888LTI-LP097 board schematic in .brd file?

    Hello,   Is it posible to get a.brd file or .dwg file of CY8C5888LTI-LP097 board schematic?   Thanks,   Esteban.
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  • For CYBT-343026-01,Can I enable Bluetooth Classic and BLE modes concurrently? What is the number of simultaneous connections possible in BLE mode?

    Number of BLE connections possible for CYBT-343026-01
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  • PSoC to PSoC communication Through UART communication protocol

    Hi, I am trying to communicate between two psocs. The idea, One psoc will read the temperature sensor data and send it other psoc to display on LCD screen. This will be done through UART. Please tell me how do I star...
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  • Unable to run test case on testrail from Cypress.

    I have correctly followed the steps of installing "cypress-testrail-reporter".   I configured the cypress.json as "reporter": "cypress-testrail-reporter",     "reporterOptions": {   &...
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  • Shield is taking signal

    Hi   I am using a sensor PCB with two loops, outer loop is GND and inner loop is sensing loop. The shield is hatched at the back of PCB so that it should not sense.   I am using kit CY8CKIT-145-40XX  ...
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  • GHDS Compiler path issue

    Hello Sir,   I am facing problem for code generation in GHDS,If I select Generate Option->Generate Source File->convert into Binary File. then it shows Code Generation Fail. What path i need to give for c...
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  • preschool in randburg

    Daycare is the second home of children the age between six weeks and three years .Daycare workers treat children as their own childrens.In old days employeed people are join their preschool in randburg children to day...
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