• Cannot wake up from sleep when DieTemp_Start ()

    I added CyPmSleep () to my program with reference to the sleep timer sample code. But did not wakeup.   As a result of investigating the cause, it was found that DieTemp_Start () does not wake up Executing Die...
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  • Errata in PSoC 5LP Datasheet

    There appears to be an error in the PSoC 5 LP data sheet, Document Number: 001-84932 Rev. *M, page 10.  Figure 2-5 shows pin 66, VSSD, going to a power connection labeled VSSD, when it should be going to a ground...
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  • Can I use a Cypress VID/PID for a non-commercial USB project that might be published?

    Hello,   I am using a PSoC 5LP Cy8CKIT-059 to implement a USB project that might be published in an Amateur Radio magazine.  It uses HID and UART interfaces via the USB port.  I will be submitting my d...
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  • I2C comms interfering with float sprintf?

    I'm having this weird issue in which my float prints get messed up when I print after running I2C commands! I've done the heap changes [now set 0x1000] and set the -u_printf thing to true. When I simply try to print o...
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  • I2C: Cannot use MasterWriteByte

    I'm trying to implement a digital compass sensor using the QMC5883L (not HMC5883L). From the datasheet, the slave address is given as 0x0D.   Here is what I have so far:        &...
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  • CY8CKIT-059 SWD interfacing with PSoC 4 MCU

    Hello,   I am currently working on the CY8CKIT-059 to interface with an external PSoC 4 MCU (CY8C4014SXI-421; 16-pin SOIC). But since the external PSoC 4 doesn't have an external reset pin (XRES) like other PSoC...
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  • Inconsistent Information in PSoC 5LP Datasheet

    The PSoC 5LPdatasheet (Document Number: 001-84932 Rev. *M) shows VDDD supplied to pin  88 on the 100 pin TQFP but not on pin 37 (page 10).  The internal diagram shows them to be connected internally (pg 27),...
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  • アナログ入力ポートを変更するに当たって

    実はアナログの入力ポートを変更したのですが、PSoCでは、cydwrの Name、Port、Pinだけの変更だけでは認識しないのでしょうか? 前回はP3[3]から今回はP0[5]に変更しただけですが、全く機能しないのです。 何処か変更する必要があるのでしょうか? 大至急教えて下さると助かります。
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  • cy8c5668AXI-LP034 PDM_CIC

    DEAR   I have a project that use CY8C5668-LP034 I refer PioneerKit_P5LP_USB_Audio-master project that download form community   I have a question about PDM_CIC (Psoc Creator v2.2) can we modify the Shift...
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  • in my psoc 5lp kit the blue led is not blinking

    hi, I was playing around with the blinking led example and I couldn't get it to take any changes so I press the debug and I haven't been able to get back to normal operation.
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  • Run CY8CKit in 3.3V logic while still having Kitprog plugged in

    Hey,   I want to be able to use 3.3V logic on my I2C lines of CY8Ckit-059, however I still want to be able to have my KitProg plugged in and get data from it and continue to be able to program my PSOC. Is this p...
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  • Having a hard time Starting I2C Communication with BNO080

    I'm having a hard time beginning a communication sequence between the PSOC and a BNO080 IMU. I've created a send_packet function based on what the BNO datasheet says is supposed to happen, however all I've been able...
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  • It is possible to measure the amplitude and phase of an AC signal with a frequency of 100 kHz on a PSoC 5LP?

    I must demodulate an AC signal with a frequency of 100 kHz in differential mode, it is possible to do it in a PSoC 5LP .. if that is how I could do it.
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  • PSOC 5LP program using kit prog

    I have a CY8CKIT-059 PSOC5LP Prototyping kit and a PSOC CY8C58LP Family Porcessor Module(CY8C5868AXI-LP035), the CY8CKIT-059 PSOC5LP Prototyping kit can work well, now I want to use the Kitprog to program the  Po...
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  • CY8C5488LTI-LP093 obsolete

    I found CY8C5488LTI-LP093 is obsolete.  Is CY8C5688LTI-LP086 a direct replacement?  Is all I have to do to regenerate downloadable HEX file with the same project with a new microcontroller pointed?
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  • ICSP problem new board

    Hi, I designed my own board using a CY8C5287AXI-LP095 100 pin TQFP but am having problems using the programmer from an 059 kit to program it with a hello world type program. It doesnt respond. I discovered  (af...
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    Hello, I'm considering using the PSOC-5 in my design (Industrial/Military standards required) for the following task : -      Power sequncing (up/down) and voltage monitoring (using the inter...
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  • Build error: cannot find -lemWin_nosnts_cm3_gcc

    I have a project, about to make major changes so I copied it, created a new (empty) project, pasted the old project in there and renamed it. When I build (made no code changes yet) I get this error: Build error: ca...
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  • esp32 bootloader

    hello, i want to bootload the psoc5lp from esp32 using SPI, for that i have implemented HOST in esp32 as like psoc5lp and target is psoc5lp,also i have followed the application note and example code given by cypress ...
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  • UART receive with DMA lost sometimes bytes

    Hello, I'd like to use the UART+DMA to talk to a coriolis sensor via modbus.   All things are work okay, but sometimes after 1-3 minutes I lost one byte of the answer. Every 100ms a measurement value is quer...
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