• PSoC5LP: right way to save value of Stack Pointer (r13) register

    Hello,   I am learning to use ARM MCUs and I want to make a stack monitor. I managed with filling it, monitor it ecc, but I want to start to fill it from a proper unused location without knowing the r13 value in...
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  • PSOC5LP : Regarding calibration and how to write to EEPROM

    For example, a calibration method in a system may take an offset depending on the pressure value condition.In the current program, the specification is 0 megapascal at 0.8V and 2.5 megapascal at 2.4V, but the EEPROM c...
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  • In Application Programming with FRAM

    Hi everybody,I want to do in application programming,and i asked question for getting help and guidance,but not answered. It is thunderbolt for me. My board has psoc5 and FRAM and GSM that is connected to psoc5 by u...
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  • PSoC wiresless communication

    Hi all,   I am currently working in building an RC car for which I am going to require 2 PSoC 5LPs. I have already built the motor controller, now I will be moving onto the PSoC to PSoC communication. I have fou...
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  • SPI Master component SDAT pin not changing state on PSOC-5LP

    Hi, I found out during troubleshooting that the SDAT pin of Serial Peripheral Interface Master does not change state during transmission. The SPI is set as bi-directional. The clock and the  slave select pins ...
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  • CY8C5888LT-LP097ウェイクアップ時の消費電流について

    PSoC5LP(CY8C5888LT-LP097)についての質問です。   ボタン電池から電源の供給を行い、RTCを使用してスリープモードから1秒周期でウェイクアップさせた場合、 電池が消耗して電源電圧が2.1V以下に低下すると、ウェイクアップ時に流れる電流が増大していく現象がありました。   平均の電流で見ると、0.1mA→1mA→5mAと徐々に上昇していきます。 CPU側でこのよ...
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  • spi interface with external DAC in PSoC5

    Hi all,   I am generating sine wave of 4kHz using external DAC124s085 spi interface with CY8CKIT-059 PSoC® 5LP Prototyping Kit . I am sending different data in decimal or hex that convert in sine wave.I am ...
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  • Terminal "clock" requires connection when it is visible.

    Hi all I am working on a project where I control the duty cycle of a PWM by USBUART but I get the following error:     Terminal "clock" requires connection when it is visible.     What can be ?
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  • PSoC5LP:How to match the analog input value to the ADC value?

    At the analog input, when vin_A = 0.80 V, when the value of ADC is 0.90 V and Vin = 1.00 V, the value of ADC is output as 1.121 V. Although the output voltage of the ADC is converted to a pressure display, naturally, ...
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  • Select Debug Target empty

     Greetings,     I have a CY8CKIT-014 Psoc 5 First Touch starter Kit and a CY8CKIT-001 PSOC development kit. I have installed the necessary drivers and program on my computer but I cannot program t...
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  • Multiple spi messages with dma

    Hi,   I'm using the w5500 ethernet IC with the psoc5. To send data over the internet i need to write data, update some write pointers and give the send command. I have configured a dma channel with 3 chains so...
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  • store measured values in CSV and output chart - PSOC 5LP

    Hello everybody, I am still a noobie here and hope that you can help me :-). I have written a program in which I determine a voltage drop (ADC converter) via a shunt resistor, then calculate the current for me and t...
  • I2C_MasterReadBuf();  does not shoot error.

    I2C_MasterReadBuf();  does not shoot error, when the slave addressed specified in API was not present on the bus.   the i2c status returned by the api is '0'.
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  • Help please - CY8C58 family, getting "p3[2] this pin does not support SIO"

    Hi - we're developing on the -059 stick DK, with the MCU CY8C5888.   We're trying to swizzle the bits on GPIO port P3, relative to the data bits on GraphLCDIntf component, working in 8-bit 8080A interface mode.&...
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  • Interrupt to avoid polling USBUART_IsConfigurationChanged()?

    I'm using a USBUART component in my project and I'm wondering if there's an interrupt I can get a callback from that can tell me the configuration changed.  Or do I really have to continuously poll USBUART_IsConf...
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  • ADC SAR & ADC Delsig reading deviation

    Hi there, I am reading voltage from the potensiometer and feed it to adc SAR (12 bit res) and adc Delsig (20 bit res). When i compere the value to the multi meter i see that there is deviation of 0.2V (im using FLUKE...
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  • question on psoc5 flash

    Hi, only get info that the flash total size is 256KB and the row/block size is 256Byte, what's the size for array ? the write unit is in row ? thanks.
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  • Treiberkapazität

    Wieviel Strom kann z.B. Pin 2.4 oder 2.5 treiben? CY8CKIT059, Widerstand und zwei Treiberdioden in Reihe?
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  • how to communicate with psoc using ethernet

    I want to using ethernet protocol such as tcp to communicate psoc5 chip with PC, how can I get it? Thanks a lot!
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  • PSOC 5LP

    The kitProg that I use is CY8C5868LTI-LP039  and target is CY8C5888LTI-LP097. When I connect the J6 USB port to my PC, the device is not detected. whereas when I Connect  the KITPROG USB  to PC, it work...
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