• Best power supply design  for adc

    Hello COMMUNITY 8)) please  give me recommendations about suply   i have : Psoc 5lp for ~16-18bit ADC and postprocessing full Isolated dif amp (TI amc1301) for measure current  shunt. Shunt locate...
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  • PSoC 5LP: Print in LCD a SIM808 module (UART) answer

    Hi gentlemans, here im working with PSoC5LP, I want to print at lcd the answer from an SIM808 module (UART), if I send the string "AT", SIM808 should answer "OK",but the result is a lot of meanless characters.   ...
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  • gpio turn on or turn off time graph.

    Hello all,   i have facing one problem.   a problem is my one gpio pin is turning off and same time my second gpio is turning on but both have some time difference i.e. Gpio1 is taking the 1.4 Micro Secon...
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  • PSOC5LP DSI manual routing for 32x32 mux

    Hi,   I want to be able to modify the routing for 32 digital signals connected to 32 pins at runtime. All of them output. User should be able to select which pin has which functionality on the fly.   Impl...
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  • C# Apliccation for  USBFS HID UPS

    Hi, a few days ago I posted the following discussion  USBFS HID UPS Now i want developing an Application in C# to sniffer the report buffer from usb.   How i can do this?   I use FreeSoC2 Developmen...
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  • PSoC 5LP + SIM808

    Hello, Anyone have experience with PSoC 5LP and SIM808? How can I get work GPS and GSM throw one UART instead using two UART's? I have a PSoC5LP design using two UART's with SIM800L and GPS, but now I have to use...
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  • Problem with Filter Gain

    Hi! I've been trying to use a 32th order Biquad Filter with custom coefficients. The problem is: when I insert the coefficients, I always get this warning message and the gain always decrease drastically (the max ga...
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  • Using apa102 leds

    I am changing a project from arduino to psoc 5lp.  The project uses APA102 leds.  Would anyone have example code or be able to point me towards resources for getting these working?
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  • PSoC 5LP clock frequency detection is unstable

    *I posted a question similar to this the other day but I created as a new thread because I thought that this question didn't related UDP directly.   I want to capture 48kHz(6.144 MHz) S/PDIF audio signals by PSo...
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  • PSoC 5LP - ADC_SAR -  void ADC_SetScaledGain(int16 adcGain)

    Hi I'd like to use the ADC_SAR  and I have some question regarding using this API  :  void ADC_SetScaledGain(int16 adcGain) According to the data sheet     adcGain = counts x 10 / ...
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  • PSOC Capabilities

    Hello, I'm new to PSOC, have been pointed to PSOC-5 for my goal. I'm willing to use the device in my design for the following tasks, and would like to know if all of this cab be supported (maybe another device can s...
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  • PSoC5LP: right way to save value of Stack Pointer (r13) register

    Hello,   I am learning to use ARM MCUs and I want to make a stack monitor. I managed with filling it, monitor it ecc, but I want to start to fill it from a proper unused location without knowing the r13 value in...
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  • assembly

    Hi. good night. How can I program the psoc 5lp kit, in assembly language?
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  • PSoC5LP:How to match the analog input value to the ADC value?

    At the analog input, when vin_A = 0.80 V, when the value of ADC is 0.90 V and Vin = 1.00 V, the value of ADC is output as 1.121 V. Although the output voltage of the ADC is converted to a pressure display, naturally, ...
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  • USB support for PSoC5

    Hey Community!   I know that PSoC5 supports only USB 2.0 component but when I plug in a USB 3.0 (cable and connector on the other end) the speed does change. I seem to be missing something obvious.   Than...
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  • uart in psoc5lp (cy8ckit-059)

    HI all,   In 059 kit have only one uart? 12.6 and 12.7 ? Is there any another pin is assigned for Rx Tx ?
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  • UDB behaviour of Fx_LD and Dx_LD signals

    Hi,   I want to transfer data from UDB => FIFO => D0/D1 registers. In the 5LP reference manual, the description of the Fx_LD and Dx_LD signals is not clear to me. So I've some questions:   For the Fx...
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  • Die Temperature Module takes a considerable amount of time to Query

    Hi,   I was running into performance issues on one of my slower ISRs (1ms).  I started commenting out some of the newer status checks and I noticed that when the DieTemp block was disabled, my problems disa...
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  • Input power

    HI,   Hello I want to input power in cy8ckit-059 without using USB or miniprog kit. Which Pin is input power pin? Is the right side of usb VDD/GND or else??
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  • PWM Implementation doesn't support full duty cycle

    Not sure if I am missing something but the PWM implementation doesn't appear support the full duty cycle range i.e. 0% and 100%.   I am about to utilise the Kill input to force the PWM to 0 when it's compare val...
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