• ADC_SCAN 2.2

    Hi, I have opened the Temperature sensing project for CY8CKIT-147, but I have received the error on ADC_SCAN (Old version block), What can I do ? See the attached file.
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  • FFT in real time

    Hi everyone, I am currently facing a problem on making fft works using CMSIS DSP library. Basically, I want to convert real time data from my sensor into frequency data by using FFT CMSIS DSP library. However, it onl...
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  • [Verilog] How to change drive strength of bidirectional pin.

    Hi,   I am currently in the process of implementing a communication component in verilog. The component has 3 digital inout terminals. To this i want to attach 3 different bidirectional pins.   Throughout ...
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  • Differense CY8CKIT-044 Board

    What is the difference between the boards CY8CKIT-044                        https://www.digikey.co...
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  • ACIM motor control for sliding door opener

    Hello  all, I would like to build a V/F ACIM motor control using Psoc4 . The application is a a complete electronic motor control for door-opener and sliding-gates The power of motors are: 250W and 500W sensor...
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  • PVref_P4の使用について

    PSoC4のコンポーネントの1つであるPVref_P4は、今後も使用不可のままなのでしょうか。 今後のステータスアップデートの予定があれば教えてください。   内部で0.5V程度のリファレンスを必要として(ADCの入力の閾値として、この値を境に割込みを入れたい)います。 本コンポーネントで実現できれば一番手っ取り早そうだったのですが、使えそうもないため、 代替手段を検討しています(まだアイデアがありませんが)。
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  • For PSoC4,uart DFU

          I would like to know if there is a routine for using Uart DFU and if so, can you give me a link Thanks, Ming
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  • Where to find CAN0_CONFIG register info for 4100S family

    I wish to change the CAN clock speed from 250KHz to 500KHz in real time.   Where can I locate TRM information that speaks to the specific registers that can be modified?
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  • CAN module PSoC 4100s

    Hi Everyone,   I am currently trying to configure the PSoC 4100S to receive and transmit via CAN. However, I was not able to find any code example regarding this. Doing some digging I found that I am supposed to...
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  • Programming at 2.5v made it work. Why?

    Hello all,   Im using the miniprog4 programming a CY8C4248-L485 on a PCB i made with it partially populated. All hand soldered so briding is a possibility.   I just got my 4th board to program after ditchi...
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  • Serial comunication with CSMA/CD collision detection

    Good morning, I need to manage a serial interface using a sort of CSMA/CD detection feature at single bit level. All devices are master and stop thier transmission every time a collision is detected: each master send ...
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  • CY8CKIT-044: TCPWM.line cannot be reached from pin P6[5] (LED Blue)

    Hello,   I'm learning how to use CY8CKIT-044 kits according to PSoC101 training video. (https://www.cypress.com/training/psoc-101-video-tutorial-series-how-use-arm-cortex-m0-based-psoc-4 )   I've got a pr...
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  • SCB_UnconfiguredComm for SCB v4.0

    Hello,   We have a warning on "const Comm_UART_INIT_STRUCT configUart = {}" of "main.c". In case of SCB v4.0, The number of members in structure is different between "main.c" and "Comm_UART.c." Best regards...
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  • New Custom Terminal Support Components to ease Terminal user interfaces

    To all,   I've upload to the Community code share forum a set of custom components that should ease the creation of Terminal user interfaces.   Terminal Support Component Library   Here is a list of ...
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  • RFID-RC522 with PSOC4 verification system

    Hello everyone i am currently working on a project to read a RFID-Tag with the RFID-RC522 module. What i'm basically trying to do is to make a kind of verification system so that when a card with the right UID is scan...
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  • How to use serial port interrupt with psoc4

    Now I need to use modbus in psoc4, so I need to know how to use the serial port interrupt.It seems that I need to use the function CY_ISR(isr_1_Interrupt), but I'm not sure how to use other functions such as read Tx/R...
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  • Changing BLE address through Program in PSoC 4 BLE

    Hi,   I am trying out "Mesh Flood Direct" example on PSoC 4 BLE 256Kb device. I got the example from github.   I modified the code and executed on CY8C4248LQI-BL583 module. When I assigned node address fr...
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  • Which protocol over I2C is used for CapSense tuning

    I'm using the CY8CKIT-145-40XX which I can program and tune via the KitProg2 and the 'PSoC Creator Tuner'. Via USB-I2C this program accesses the parameters within the PSoC4. Slider parameters like the RawCounts, Basel...
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  • CY8CMBR3108でモードでRaw count値が違う

    CY8CMBR3108を使用して近接センサを1個実装しています。 センサーパターンに何も近づけない状態で、Look-for-Touch/Look-for-Proximityモード時はRaw count値が3150程度ですが、Activeモード時はRaw count値が3100程度になります。原因は何でしょうか? Look-for-Touch/Look-for-Proximityモード時のScan周期は120msです。
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  • Bootloader and Bootloadable - Starting Questions

    Hi guys, i am new to firmware programming and had a good start, but now i have problems understanding how to make my project "OTA capable".   My company wants to do firmware upgrades with BLE and we want to wo...
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