• I2C for reading from PSoC by raspberry pi - python

    Reading from raspberry pi via I2C - how can I reset the read pointer to the first byte of the read buffer by my raspberry? I am using python on the raspberry.
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  • How to disable Bootloader service in Custom BLE OTA Fixed stack bootloadable?

    Hi,   I am trying out BLE OTA Fixed stack Bootloading in CY8C4248LQI-BL583 PSoC. I have written a custom application with the BLE OTA Fixed stack bootloading method. I have added a custom service and bootloader ...
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  • capsense interrupt

    Hi I have a capsense project working on PSOC 4200M and I have used the example code. Now I want to make the code work as an interrupt so that I can run a program in my main for loop and change modes when the capsense ...
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  • CAN报文优先级处理

    Hi   现在使用CY8C4147AZI-S475的CAN通信功能,如果CAN发出了一个低优先级的报文出去,但是没发送成功或者出现错误需要重发,此时也应该发送另一个高优先级的报文。请问这时CAN驱动会如何处理?是先重发低优先级的还是先发送高优先级的报文呢? 谢谢   BR Grace
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  • I/O configuration

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  • BLE Mouse is not detected by iPadOS13

    iPadOS13 has two Bluetooth connection menus. When you proceed with Settings / Bluetooth and when you proceed with Settings / Accessibility / Touch / AssistiveTouch / Device. The former connection is OK. In the latt...
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  • Fake rotary switch with Capsense

    I’m Giovanni Bengalis, I’m a Firmware Engineer Junior, I have an internal project which is a bit complicated for me. I want to create a fake rotary (fixed) with Capsenses on the vertical walls (attachment...
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  • How to change the Samples Averaged of the SAR Seq ?

    Hi, I need to change runtime the number of the Samples Averaged of the Sequencing SAR ADC. Is it possible to do this ?   Thank you Maurizio Pesce
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  • How to connect internal 1.024V(Bandgap) to an external pin

    Hi All,   I need a design that connects the internal 1.024V(Bandgap) to an external pin. Then, I made "Workspace02.zip" design based on "Vref_route.zip" design. PSoC is PSoC 4200L family.   [Q1] I'd lik...
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  • Regarding advantages and disadvantages of Shield(water proof.)

    Hello Cypress.   Could you please let us know advantages and disadvantages when below functions are used for water proof? ============================== Enable shield electrode is enabled. Inactive sensor co...
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  • About the fastest processing speed (sps) of PSOC4 8-bit SAR ADC.

    Regarding the PSOC4 SAR ADC, could you please tell me the fastest processing speed (sps) when using "8-bit" SAR ADC?   Best Regards Arai
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  • Dap error while reading dp-ctrl-stat register

    Dear all This is the hardware I use,CY8C4147XXX. And also use J-link to connect it, it is success program and read flash before. But promgram the Hex file with my code. It's  success programming at the first t...
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  • CapSense在温度变化的环境中使用问题

    您好。   使用PSoC 4000S CapSense,在使用中有温度变化的场景,比如从室外0度以下拿到室内。现在的参数设置是auto-calibration enabled,这里想问一下如果从室外拿到室内就上电,那么上电时的calibration发生在低温情况,然后温度会上升到室温,这时的raw, signal和常温调试下会不会有很大差异? 有没有比较好的建议处理这种温度变化的使用场景?谢谢。   BR...
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  • Regarding an increase of CapSense RawCount at Power up.

    Hello Cypress.   I confirmed that an increase of RawCount at Power up after Power-off(USB cable is removed, for about 5min). Please confirm PNG file.   Is this the intended behavior? And could you ple...
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  • Generated Source File need to be keep constant

    Hi Friends, I need to add a variable in Generated Source Files (in FIleName_UART.c & FileName_SPI_UART.h) every time. If I clean & rebuild my project or restart PSoC Creator, then these modified files are o...
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  • About Bootloader v1.60 specifications

    Hello,   (1) I2C communication buffer size in Bootloader Users are creating a Bootloader with an I2C interface to update PSoC Firmware via an external MCU. Firmware update has been confirmed to work properly. A...
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  • Regarding MBR serial chip

    How to lock the configure of the MBR serial chip for reading only?
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  • magsenseボタンについて、基板との最大距離やたわみの確認

    Magsenseで金属板(2mm厚、アルミニウム想定)のたわみを利用したボタンを形成するにあたり、   1)金属板と基板の最大距離の規定はございますでしょうか? 2)2mm厚のアルミニウム板を押したときのたわみを検出することは可能でしょうか?   ご教示いただきたく、よろしくお願いいたします。
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  • Regarding VDDA absolute maximum rating of PSoC4S.

    Hello Cypress.   Could you please let us know VDDA absolute maximum rating of PSoC4S? DS describes only VDDD absolute maximum rating(VDDD_ABS).   Best Regards. Yutaka Matsubara
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  • Regarding CSX calibration target.

    Hello Cypress.   Q1) CSX default calibration target is 40%. Why did Cypress decide 40% as recommended value? CSD calibration target is 85% or 75%. CSX calibration target setting is lower compared to CSD targ...
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