• ECO load capacitance for PSoC4100S Pluls

    Hello,   In case of PSoC4100S Plus, it is diffrent from the Figure 7 of AN95089. If we use ECO, is this correct? Best regards, Yocchi
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  • Tuning IDAC Value for Inductive Sensing MagSense

    Hi i have a problem reaching the recommend 70% of the maximum value of the raw counts. I am testing my own designed coil for a MoT system. Although i already set the value for the IDAC to the maximum of 127 i can onl...
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  • Programming CY8C4125AXI-S433

    Hello, I am programming CY8C4125AXI-S433 with KitProg3 (CMSIS-DAP/BULK/0B0B0F3C01346400, but only with 3.3V not 5V. Can you help me? Thanks Henry
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  • Program not saved to PSoC 4 Flash while using MiniProg3

    Hello!   I am using CY8C4014FNI-421AT (PSoC 4 WLCSP) device for I2C communication with a decoder on my prototype board.   I was trying to program my PSoC 4 device on the board using MiniProg3, but I keep ...
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  • How to program a PSoC 4 via the command line

    I have a PSoC 4 and a PSoC 5 and am able to run programs on both boards via PSoC Creator 4.3, however I need to do this via a batch file and can successfully do this for the CY8CKIT-059 but not for the CY8CKIT-043. In...
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  • BLE program for uart SCB.

    Hi, Is that possible to transmit and receive the capsense parameters using BLE that is inbuilt in cypress kit CY8CKIT-145-40XX (Low energy Bluetooth)?   we have succeeded to receive the capsense parameters thr...
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  • CapSense sensor auto-reset

    Can CapSense sensor auto-reset be enabled for the proximity widget only, without affecting the regular widget setting? There's only a single checkbox to enable the setting in the CapSense configuration dialog. I want ...
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  • CY8C Series 开机检测问题 How to detect touching activity when start the device (PSOC/PSOC4)

    We use CY8C4045 for touch detection and found a issue. When you touch the sensing area and then turn on the device, it will not detect until you move away and touch again. Please anyone help us with this issue. One o...
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  • Regarding CE195286 sample project error.

    Hello.   The following error message is displayed after I open CE195286 sample project. Why does this error message occur?     If TopDesign_01.cymacro is deleted, this error message will disappear...
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  • CSX Touchpad PCB guidelines

    Hi, this discussion is a follow-up on my older thread Developping CapSense trackpads with PSOC4 and 6 .  I basically need a Cypress expert to validate my work before I buy the chips and fab the boards! I have a...
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  • Bootloadable debug issue

    When I put Bootloadable function in schematic. The debug function will be disable. Is it possible enable bootloadable function still can run debug ?
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  • Regarding “reload” and “capture” input of PSoC4 Timer Counter.

    Hello.   Customer is considering measuring input pulse width using attached PDF method. Device is PSoC4.   “reload” is executed at the timing of input signal rising edge. And “capture&#...
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  • CY8CMBR3108でリセット時のベースライン

    CY8CMBR3108を使用して近接センサを1個実装しています。 小型の手持ち機器のため、電源ON時にセンサーパッドに触れながら電源スイッチを押す構成になっています。 そのため、電源ON時にベースラインが上がり、センサーが正しく動作しません。 電源ONの後、一度装置から手を放すと、正常動作しますが、放さずにそのまま使用した場合に正しく動作しません。 電源ON(リセット)時に、ベースラインを実測値に追従せずにある程度の範囲に...
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  • Official WLCSP-35 Footprint?

    I downloaded the official PSoC 4200 PCB footprint libraries for Allegro, Altium, and Pads and there does not seem to be an official footprint for the WLCSP 35-ball package (the FN package). I have the 4200 family data...
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  • Is it possible to create a Bilateral switch

    Hello, I require a Bilateral switch as per a 4066, I have tried using the creation wizard, but limited editing of the functions prevents me from creating this component, is it possible, or is there an example in exist...
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  • Regarding PSoC4 and PSoC4S time from POR to execute reset vector’s code.

    Hello.   Could you please let us know PSoC4 and PSoC4S time from POR to execute reset vector’s code?   Best Regards. Yutaka Matsubara
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  • Control register + Demux

    Hi,as below pic,can I set the two pins output at the same time? I use the command ( Control_Reg_Write() ),it's just can set one at a time. if it can not set outputs at the same time,have any way to realize it? ...
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  • layout help for CY8CMBR3002

    Hello, I need experts assistance for Pcap button layout. Because of the limited board area, we plan to use 4-layer board for a 8 buttons, 5 LEDs and 2 connectors (have other PWM signal,  LED signals......). see ...
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  • When writing to CY8CMBR3110-SX2 with EZ-Click, some items are not reflected(EZ-ClickにてCY8CMBR3110-SX2に書き込んだ際、反映されない項目がある)

    こんにちは   現在、EZ-Click 2.0 SP2にてCY8CMBR3110-SX2の開発を行っております。 開発を行う中で、以下の問題で止まっています。   CS7ピンの感度をsensitivity(fF)の項目を400に設定した時と300に設定した時に出力される値が同じになってしまいます。またCS8ピンでも同じような現象が起きています。 スレーブアドレス、ほかのピンの感度、などは変えられています...
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  • Response Time test of 4014

    Dear all:      We use 4024 as a multi-Capacitive touch key processor. It generate an interrupt signal when touch down event be detected.Now we need check response time of our mass product.Can you ...
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