• Miniprog3 won't do reset programming

    I have PSoC Creator 4.2 and PSoC Programmer 3.28.4 installed on 64-bit Windows 10  running an Intel E8600 with 8GB RAM.  I've been using the Miniprog3/A since early days and it used to work great.  Now ...
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  • How to send the notification in psoc 4 ble

    I am trying to send the notification to the client from the psoc 4 ble how can i send the notication from psoc ble to the client. I am making use of the custom services and characteristics , how to select the uuid for...
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  • PSOC 4700s CAD files.

    I am working with the PSOC 4700s and I can't find any CAD files on the Cypress website. I am working with the CY8C4745LQI-S411 specifically and I'm looking for something that will work with Altium.  Any help woul...
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  • CY8CKIT-148 Kit Testing - not working with BTN2..BTN3

    Hi. Just received the CY8CKIT-148 inductive sensing evaluation kit and the out of the box experience is quite poor.   Touch of the center PROXIMITY pad works - LED7 lights ON / OFF.   Use of the Cypress bl...
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  • PSoC Broken?

    Hello ,   if I connect my PSoC(CY8CKIT-042-BLE) with my Lapotp,  LED1 and LED2 flash briefly. I can't connect my PSoC with my Laptop device. Do you know how to fix it? The Connection to my PSoC gets very ho...
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  • note show

    hi everybody, for the first time i am writing program on CY8C4A45AZI-483. program gets build with no error on psoc creator 4.2 but showing adc compatibility note. files attached. i reinstall creator with updatation...
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  • Sensos-Status doesn't get back to zero

    Hey all, I'm Using the CY8CKIT-041-41XX PSoC 4100S touchpad and I have a problem with the sensor-Status getting stuck, if I touch the Sensor for to long. And also if I use HF nearby, the sensor status sometimes does...
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  • MBR3改变配置,不保存到flash和reset,是否能生效

    Hello   如果想在初始化MBR3后,只改变几个配置寄存器的值,改变完寄存器后不想做保存到flash和reset动作,希望能及时生效。是否有相关的命令? 谢谢   BR Grace
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  • CYBLE ProCBle -> SPI Master Slave switch while runtime

    Hello, i need to implement a SPI Slave which has to switch into Master Mode while runtime. I tried the SCB unconfigured mode for that. But it is not working. SPI Slave mode only (SPI configured) is working well! &#...
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  • activity_main.xml

    BLE101robot I am trying to follow and copy.  I am on the Andriod side now.  It seem that the code in git, bleapp/AndroidStudio/BLE101_robot/app at master · cypresssemiconductorco/bleapp · GitHub , ...
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  • PSoC 4 Pioneer Kit: Debug vs Release: Timer not working in release mode

    Hey,   I'm using the Eddystone Project from the "100_Project_in_100_Days" Example: PSoC-4-BLE/100_Projects_in_100_Days/Project050_Eddystone at master · cypresssemiconductorco/PSoC-4-BLE · GitHub  ...
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  • PSOC distinction between AUTO class and industrial class

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  • main.c not updated?

    I initially started with the BLE and capsense project.  It created all the files without problem. Then I moved to the robot project (were it controls 2 motors).  What I did was copy the project and deleted w...
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  • unused pin configured internal pull up pull down

    Hi Sir ,       In my last discussion , Roy tell me that the unused pins  need not  be configured or be terminated to ground or supply through resistors of typical value of 10K Ohm. ...
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  • cy8ckit-147 not recognized

    Hello, My new cy8ckit-147 kit is not recognized by the psoc creator v4.2.  I've tried creating my own program and selecting a pre-coded example.  I receive the attached message.  ie, the board is not f...
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  • bluetooth connection stops

    Hi, I am using the CYBLE-022001 (BLE profile HID over GATT) and an iPhone.  *This is my first post! Let me know if I left out any info*   I am able to successfully pair my device to my iPhone and the connec...
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  • pwr gnd dir connection?

    Hi, I watched lesson #9 on https://www.cypress.com/training/psoc-video-tutorial-series-how-create-android-apps-interact-cypress-ble But the video never went in detail as to what pins the pwr, gnd, dir, qd1a, qd1b c...
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  • Is there CORDIC UDB available for PSOC4?

    Hi,        I use PSOC4 and need a fast way to get a arctan value, is there CORDIC UDB available for PSOC4?        thanks.   Chris
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  • How do I use the BLE 4.1 stack instead of the BLE 4.2 stack on a PSOC4 CY8C4248xxx-BL583 part?

    We have products in the field that use the -483 part (4.1 stack) but the part is going obsolete and we may have to use the -583 part eventually.   But we do not want to manage two separate custom OTA upgrade...
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  • Which part is more suitable for capacitive touch buttons supporting single click, double click and long press

    Hi   Which series of  PSoC is more suitable for capacitive touch buttons supporting single click, double click and long press ? Thanks.   BR Grace
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