• do we have API that can modify the SCB bandrate when PSOC 4 running applicaiton

    Dears:        customer use PSOC as main controller,and they need to modify the SCB bandrate when running application        do we have the API can fit the requireme...
    created by GrantH_21
  • MagSense Inductive-Sensing Metal over Touch for a curved surface.

    Have any examples been created that use a curved metal overlay over a curved inductive sensor? I’d like to modify a broom handle that can detect the presence of grip, regardless if the grip is wearing gloves or...
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  • CY8C4248LQI-BL583 :Incorrect baud rate on UART and BLE not functioning

    Hello,   We are facing strange trouble on the third revision of our boards. Below are the observations: 1. Able to correctly flash CY8C4248LQI-BL583 every time. 2. I am setting baud rate for UART to 115200 i...
    created by JiSi_2146306
  • PSOC4 Capsense stuck issue?

         hi   CYPRESS:              when i use cypress psoc4 as the main mcu, and the  io pin as touch key;  but sometim...
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  • capacitive fingerprint sensor matching algorithm

    We started developing Capacitive Fingerprint sensor module with CY8C4127LQI-BL483 chip, we have ADH make Capacitive FPsensor HF108 & supporting source code (mostly for LPC / STM MCU) and which is bit messed non do...
    last modified by SaBh_1180281
  • LED登録エラー

    10個のLEDコンポーネントを追加登録した際、以下のエラーが表示されました。 apr.M0008:Unable to place component "LED03_3(0)". Either the design is bigger than this chip can handle, or the design is over constrained and there are not enough resources to...
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  • PSoC 4000Sでのバッテリー電圧の取得方法

    PSoC 4000S Prototyping Kit でバッテリーの電圧を取得する方法を教えてください。 なお下記のリソースは既に使っているため、使用できません。   ・CapSense(CSD)1/1 ・Serial Communication(SDB)2/2 ・Comparator 1/1 ・DAC 2/2   よろしくお願いいたします。
    created by ToWa_4096566
  • GPIO resistance of CapSense

    Hello,   I refer the section of Sense Clock Related Parameters. it describe that the typical value of the GPIO resistance is 500 Ω. Please tell me the spec of min/max of GPIO resistance. If th...
    created by NaMo_1534561
  • CSD automatically selected Sense clock source

    Hello,   It can select Direct, SSC, PRS as Sense clock source in Fourth-generation CapSense. According to the datasheet, when the Sense clock source is set to "Auto", the firmware chooses the setting for each w...
    created by NaMo_1534561
  • About the behavior of SYSTEM_STATUS register of MBR3

    Hello,   I am trying to write user configurations to MBR3 in the following procedure: 1. Read the SYSTEM_STATUS(0x8A) register 2. If SYSTEM_STATUS (bit0) is 0, write configuration parameter to MBR3 (according ...
    last modified by SuSh_1535366
  • PSoC4100SPのLCDコンポーネントの入力クロックは何MHzまで対応していますか?

    PSoC4100SPでLCDコンポーネントを使用したいと考えています。 LCDコンポーネントにはクロックを入力する必要がありますが、何MHz入力まで対応できるか教えて下さい。   【発生している問題】 クロックを48MHzにすると、LCD制御の途中で動作が止まってしまう。(Flashに書き込んだ後、動作せた場合。) 24MHz動作時には正常に制御できているように見える。(Flashに書き込んだ後、動作せた場合。)...
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  • CapSense vias on ground fill

    Hi   I see the picture from PSoC 4 CapSense Design Guide. It seems putting many vias on the ground plane. May I know what's the function of that? Is it necessary ? Thanks.   BR Grace
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  • psoc creator4.0 how to decrease code size????

    How to set psoc creator4.0 the tool box to code size optimize.
    last modified by tsch_4358676
  • Memory map of CY8C4146AZI-S423

    Hi Sir,      Which doctument have the memory map of CY8C4146AZI-S423? The memory map is not in its datasheet.      Thanks.
    last modified by yaxi_1543386
  • CY8CMBR3116 long configuration command execution

    Hi, I'm using host processor communicates via i2c to configure CY8CMBR3116 device. After sending 128bytes of configuration, I send command 0x02 to CTRL_CMD register. Documentation says that write operation takes 220m...
    created by GrSo_4345996
  • PSoC 4 and ModusToolbox?

    Hello,   When can we expect PSoC 4 support in ModusToolbox? I miss a lot of features in PSoC Creator and I have already heard promises on trade shows two years ago. Is there a target date? I am considering migra...
    last modified by DaKo_463136
  • How to convert raw count value in capacitance [pF] ?

    Hi everybody,   I'm using the development board CY8CKIT-040 with the chip CY8C4014LQI-422. I would like to convert the raw count value into a capacitance value in pF. Looking to the document No. 001-64846 Rev. ...
    last modified by FeEl_3191456
  • 虚拟按键

    Hi   我用CapSense CSD组件想做一个虚拟按键,我的CapSense组件配置是增加一个button (引脚分配给实际的触摸按键pin)以及一个proximity sensor (就是想设置的虚拟按键),proximity sensor的number of dedicated sensor为0,proximity sensor的scan order是第一位同时sensor选为button0。但是我发现没有这个...
    last modified by GrWa_2302706
  • 4 Wire RTD Meausure

    Hello,   i have some issues with my coding. I used the RTD Measure Example and changed it for my CY8CKIT-042-BLE. The values are changing but not as expected   I don't know where my mistake is. Could you...
    last modified by TaGe_4284161
  • CapSense button optimization for space constrained application

    Please advise on the best button and slider design for this application, using the CY8CMBR3106S   I have two separate sets of sensors: one to detect a "swipe up" or "swiped down" action (function A), and a diffe...
    last modified by MaRa_4092696