• PSoC4  Checksum Failed

    对芯片进行烧录时,总是提示校验失败,但是读出来的hex文件与烧录文件又没有差别。 When the chip is burned, the verification fails, but the read hex file is no different from the burned file.
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  • Vref of PSoC4(CY8C4247LTI-L475)

    Hi all,   [1] Ext Vref(P1.7) How much  is the ampacity of Vref(P1.7) of CY8C4247LTI-L475?   [2]Internal Vref(1.024V) Is it possible to to output the internal Vref(1.024V) outside CY8C4247LTI-L475?...
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  • PSoC4100S Plus CapSense のプロセスばらつきについて

    ご担当者様   CSD方式のCapSenseで、 Finger Threshold のマージンを検討するにあたり、プロセスばらつきのパラメータを考慮したいのですが、 PSoC4100S Plus では、プロセスばらつきによるRawカウントの変動は何%程度あるでしょうか?   (補足) マージン検討においては電圧や温度変動、基板や電極などの外部要因のばらつきの方が支配的で、 プロセスのばらつきはほとん...
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  • Modify clock frequency using code

    Hi  Sir ,      In the project attched , the clock frequency is 4MHz .If I want change the frequency from 4MHz to 1MHz using code ,not the component,how shall I do ?     ...
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    I have a master I2C that is trying to write a buffer to a slave. After calling the write function, I am checking the master status and receiving the following error - SCB_I2C_MSTAT_ERR_SHORT_XFER.   What could t...
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  • About the power and reset sequence of CY8C4247LTI-L475?

    Hi all,   Could you tell me about the precautions for turning PSoC4(CY8C4247LTI-L475) on / off (each power supply and reset)?   Thanks,
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  • How do you create a Combination-Launcher project?

    Hello,   I need to be able to upgrade the firmware on my board without exiting the application. There are states that need to be maintained and interrupts that need to stay active during the firmware upgrade pro...
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  • USB Register Reference Design

    I am looking to see if a reference design exists for a USB register interface on a PSOC.  My goal would be to have an application on windows and be able to write a register to control some GPIO.   Does Cypr...
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  • Eeprom and ble with bootloader

    I am using the CY8C4248LQI-BL483. I managed to get the EEPROM example "PSoC_EmEEPROM_PSOC401" up and running on my MCU, and I can see the reset count printing out a higher number after each reset.   However, I ...
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  • Em_EEPROM Erase and lockup

    I am using CY8C4248LQI-BL483. I have a bootable stack and application. I am bonding to the device. I'm using em_EEPROM V2.2   When I write to a secure BLE characteristic from my phone and then some time later in...
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  • EmEEPROM work in normal project, returns 0 in Bootloadable project

    When trying to use the Emulated EEPROM in a PSoC 4 device (CY8C4248LQI-BL483) data always reads back as zero. Is there incompatibility between emulated EEPROM and BLE or Bootloader or bootable stack? If so, what is th...
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  • Capsense sensing delay using custom capsense board

    Hello, I am using CY8CKIT-042 PSoC® 4 Pioneer Kit. I am using it for the CapSense design with 10 buttons and 2 sliders.   We are observing a delay in sensing the capsense buttons. That means, we are trying t...
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  • Cannot fix firmware of CY8CKIT-044 progKit

    Environment OS:windows10 64bit PSoC Creator: PSoC Programmer: KIT: CY8CKIT-044, CY8CKIT-026   Hi,   When I checked STATUS LED, I found the LED blinks fast(maybe frequency = 4.00 Hz)...
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  • PSOC 4 Junction temperature

    Hi,   I want to ask about the Max junction temperature for CY8C4247AZA-M485 and CY8C4247AZQ-M485. In the datasheet available on cypress website, it only states the Max junction temperature for CY8C4247AZI-M485&...
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  • Can detect IC, but cannot program PSoC 4100S at 5V power

    Hi   1. Design with PSoC 4100S. XRES pull-up resistor is 4.7k, capacitor to GND is 0.1uF. No pull-up or series resistor on SWDIO and SWDCLK. System power should be 5V. 2. Miniprog3 can program PSoC at 3.3V, can...
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  • MiniProg 3 for in-circuit programming of PSoC 4 WLCSP

    Hello!   I am trying to establish an SWD interface between PSoC 4 WLCSP Package (CY8C4014FNI-421AT) and Mini Prog3 but is having issues with finding a way for seamless integration between the devices, as the men...
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  • Emulated EEPROM

    Hi Friends, I'm developing firmware for Access Control with PSoC 4, CY8CKIT-042 (Pioneer 4200) kit.   For my application, I need to save some data (like User Identity Code) on Non-volatile memory. Should I go...
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  • using a Psoc 4 Custom board running on 5V wiil not debug

    Hi all,   using a Psco4, CY8C4245AXI-483 part i have a custom board running on 5V   I can program the board with Psoc programmer and a miniprog3 fine, board runs, no hardware issues.   In creator 4....
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  • BLE Mouse is not detected by iPadOS13

    iPadOS13 has two Bluetooth connection menus. When you proceed with Settings / Bluetooth and when you proceed with Settings / Accessibility / Touch / AssistiveTouch / Device. The former connection is OK. In the latt...
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  • Callback function on I2C master/slave transfer complete

    I want a callback function that is called once the I2C master is done sending all the bytes. I came across 2 options that I maybe able to use -   I2C_1_I2C_ISR_ExitCallback() or I2C_1_SetMasterInterruptMode(I2C_...
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