• Preprogramming PSoC 4 MCU chip (CY8C4014FNI-421AT)

    Hello,   This is regarding the I2C project that I have posted a few weeks before. I am currently working on designing a prototype board with the PSoC 4 MCU to establish the I2C interface with the video decoder t...
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  • Analog Coprocessor Use PGA component as inverted PGA

    Hi,   We would like to use the PGA component of analog coprocessor as an inverted PGA.     With the above configuration, no error occurs in build.   (1) Is this usage possible?   (2) ...
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  • EmEEPROM shared by both Bootloader and Application

    Hello,   I'm using PSoC4100S family micro-controller (CY8C4146LQI-S422T). I'm trying to share EmEEPROM between Bootloader and Application. I would want both Bootloader and application to be able to read/write th...
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  • PSoC 4200M I2C Read/Write on FRAM

    Hi,   I have written a program to write and read data from FRAM and display it through UART. I am not able to make out where I have gone wrong since I am new to PSoC controllers. I have attached my code for your...
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  • Bootloader和Bootloadable flash空间使用

    Hi   我用CY8C4014LQI-422建的bootloader工程编译后占用了>30%的flash,bootloadable+应用程序占用了>80% flash。 这样计算是不是超出flash空间?   BR Grace
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  • 採用事例について CY8C47xx MagSense

    御担当者様   新規案件(家電周辺)向けに、以下、検討したく思います。 CY8C47xx MagSense   既に、採用例等はございますか? 開示できるレベルで構いませんが、 何か、具体例など(用途例、Biz sizeイメージ等々) 頂けますと大変助かります。   宜しくお願い致します。
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  • How to convert raw count value in capacitance [pF] ?

    Hi everybody,   I'm using the development board CY8CKIT-040 with the chip CY8C4014LQI-422. I would like to convert the raw count value into a capacitance value in pF. Looking to the document No. 001-64846 Rev. ...
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  • 如何一次同时烧录bootloader和application?

    Hi ,      我们的bootloader和bootloadable的例程产生的bootloader程序和application程序如何合并成一个hex,一次烧录到芯片内?有什么AN或工具么?   Best Regards Simon
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  • Device initialization time (from reset to the main() entry)

    Hello,   There is the device initialization time from reset to te main() entry. Please see the "PSoC 4 System Reference Guide cy_boot Component v5.80" on 84 page. We don't have to care for this time right? &...
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    Can someone tell me why it does not detect the data in this project well?   I get the valor 1 for humidity and temperature.   Thanks in advance
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  • IO内置上拉电阻阻值

    Hi ,      IO内置上拉电阻的阻值是多少?所有IO都有内置上拉电阻么,阻值是否一样?   Best Regards Simon
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  • spi receive

    Hi Friends, I've CY8CKIT-042 Pioneer Kit, I tried to interface RFID Reader RC522 via SPI. In this, I need to configure my PSoC 4 as an SPI Master Receiver, I tried by modifying the demo example code, SCB_SpiCommMast...
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  • Is there example code that preserves a user defined area of PSoC internal flash?

    Is there an example to reserve an area of PSoC 4 Flash during debug and re-programming? This question is about user flash and debugging. When debugging code, the IDE reprograms not only the code, but the entire flas...
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  • hello everyone. I'm working on an attendance system project; where the system reads number  form an RFID tag and also gets the time the user clocks in. The issue right now is the rtc is not displaying time on the terminal emulator program but invalid char

    Hello everyone. I'm working on an attendance system project; where the system reads number  form an RFID tag and also gets the time the user clocks in. The issue right now is the rtc is not displaying time on the...
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  • Problems about CY8C4025PVS-S412

    我们想用Cypress的CY8C4025PVS-S412做一个车载中控娱乐系统触控控制器的项目,有几个问题想请教下,谢谢!   1、这个IC的Analog pin是否都可以用来当作CSD block来使用? 2、能否帮忙提供CSD模块Application note或者check list? 3、我们打算采用FPC类型的电容按键,这颗IC是否支持?
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  • Random state when disabling clock output pin in PSoC 4

    Hi everybody,   I'm using a pin to output a clock signal of 1KHz named Clock1.  I have configured the pin as Clock-Inverter in the output mode and selected External in the Out Clock option.  The clock ...
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  • Calculate the checksum of the flash in run time

    I need to calculate the Checksum of hex file/ flash data each  time i switch on my device I am using PSOC 4 (Part# CY8C4247AZI-M485 ) Background: This is to avoid  software tamper, the generated checksum a...
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  • 此报警情况如何解决,谢谢。

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  • PSOC 4200 BLE Fixed stack BLE OTA not working through Android Application

    Hi,   I am working on Fixed stack OTA upgrade on CY8C4248LQI-BL583. OTA Upgrade is happening through CySmart Dongle but it is not working through Application. If I check the status on Teraterm then I am getting ...
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  • CY_NOINIT in a project with a bootloader

    Hi   Working on a project that has a bootloader. In the app, I have created some CY_NONINIT variables. Would like to understand how they will be affected when bootloader loads? How can I access them from bootl...
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