• Example project PSoC4 BLE ibeacon transmitter

    Hello,   I need to develop an i-beacon Transmitter based on CYBLE-022001-00. Is there any example project available?   Thanks, Alfonso
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  • PSoC & FORTH at Maker Faire Hannover, Germany

    @ll FORTH programmers and those who want to become: From 17. August to 18. August 2019 is the Maker Faire in Hannover. In this Time will the German FORTH-Gesellschaft show all implementations of Mecrisp-Stellaris-FORT...
    created by KlZo_3306126
  • PSOC4 LED Brightness control using two push button switch

    Hello, I am new to PSOC development and currently I'm using PSoC 4200L CY8C4246AZI-L433 for a simple brightness control with two push button switch connected to its pin. Just want to understand how to configure PSOC4...
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  • Production and Longevity of PSoC Chips/Modules

    Hello,   We have used PSoC 4 modules and chips in some of our products.   But there is news that Infineon is to acquire Cypress.   So, wanted to know what will be the effect of this on the production...
    created by AmMa_2724956
  • How to configure SCB_SPI clock to 24MHZ in CY8CKIT-042 poineer Kit?

    how to configure SPIM_SCBCLK  to 24MHZ? can someone explain that on what parameter it depends on? i have research documents from Cypress, i didn't find a proper flow of solution.   Thanks,    ...
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  • PSoC 4 BLE 4.2 Throughput changes depending on connection

    I have a project based on the L2CAP throughput PSoC-4-BLE/100_Projects_in_100_Days/Day024_Throughput at master · cypresssemiconductorco/PSoC-4-BLE · GitHub  example.  I am getting good through put ...
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  • Client Characteristic Configuration check before notify

    Hello all,   I am using cyble-014008-00 and I have a characteristic with notify property: when the characteristic is written a notification with the response is sent back   I am using cysmart to connect an...
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  • What is the maximum SPI clock frequency that can driven either through SCB or UDB?

    Hello, I have an CY8CKIT-042 PSoC® 4 Pioneer Kit.   I need to interface this kit with Adafruit display(which is driven from SPI). In this case, PSOC4 kit will be master and Display will be slave.   B...
    created by tah_4345166
  • Configuring SCB1 for SPI and driving SPIM:sclk_m to 24MHz

    Hello, I have CY8CKIT-042 PSoC® 4 Pioneer Kit. I need to configure this kit as master with SPI mode and need to drive some slave device.   I have got some example code from code samples, which used SCB1 co...
    created by tah_4345166
  • ESD specification of PSoC4

    In the datasheet of PSoC 4, ESD_HBM and ESD_CDM are 2200 V and 500 V, respectively. Are ESD tests conducted with both + and - polarities? Or is it just +?   Best Regards, Naoaki Morimoto
    created by NaMo_1534561
  • PSoC4100SP:Flash Security

    Please answer below. The same question is written in English and Japanese.   ・English What can I do with "Unprotected" (U) and "Full Protection" (W)?   think as follows. Is this correct? "Unprotected" (...
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  • CY8C4248LQI-BL583 :Incorrect baud rate on UART and BLE not functioning

    Hello,   We are facing strange trouble on the third revision of our boards. Below are the observations: 1. Able to correctly flash CY8C4248LQI-BL583 every time. 2. I am setting baud rate for UART to 115200 i...
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  • About the behavior of SYSTEM_STATUS register of MBR3

    Hello,   I am trying to write user configurations to MBR3 in the following procedure: 1. Read the SYSTEM_STATUS(0x8A) register 2. If SYSTEM_STATUS (bit0) is 0, write configuration parameter to MBR3 (according ...
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  • CY8CMBR3116 long configuration command execution

    Hi, I'm using host processor communicates via i2c to configure CY8CMBR3116 device. After sending 128bytes of configuration, I send command 0x02 to CTRL_CMD register. Documentation says that write operation takes 220m...
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  • CYBLE-222014-01 backwards code compatible with CYBLE-222005-00?

    We have an existing design that uses the CYBLE-222005-00. This part is now on LTB and is replaced by CYBLE-222014-01. Will our old code run on this new part without modification? If it is backward compatible are the...
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  • CSD automatically selected Sense clock source

    Hello,   It can select Direct, SSC, PRS as Sense clock source in Fourth-generation CapSense. According to the datasheet, when the Sense clock source is set to "Auto", the firmware chooses the setting for each w...
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  • Connect VREF to a pin in PSoC4

    I was doing some searching on how to route the internal 1.024V VREF to an external pin 1[7] and found a link to an old blog that is now dead. Any pointers would be appreciated.         &...
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  • PSoC4100SP:PROTECTED mode verify

    Please answer below. The same question is written in English and Japanese.   ・English Device Security is set to "PROTECTED mode".   I am thinking as follows. Are you sure? "PROTECTED mode" does not run "...
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  • How to structure GND & SHIELD [slider+proximity]

    Hi,   First of all congratulations for your community.   I would like to know how to define every part in my layout. I have a seven segments linear slider surrounded for a proximity sensor. My question is:...
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  • GPIO resistance of CapSense

    Hello,   I refer the section of Sense Clock Related Parameters. it describe that the typical value of the GPIO resistance is 500 Ω. Please tell me the spec of min/max of GPIO resistance. If th...
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