• Magsense key matrix

    Is it possible to interface a key matrix to Magsense supported PSoC 4 ? Since the PSoC has a max of 16 inputs, would a 4 x 4 key matrix be possible here?   Also in the a cypress document it says 16 simultane...
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  • PSoC 4100S Plus PWM output seems to be different via SmartIO

    Hi,   Today one of my colleagues encountered an interesting phenomenon. He was using a CY8CKIT-149.   He connected an output of a PWM to an output pin LED13 (P5[5]) and to data7 of SmartIO. The SmartIO w...
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  • How can I create dynamic Bluetooth Device Name?

    I would like to use Bluetooth device address (last 24 bit) as part of the Bluetooth Device Name.  Is it possible we can program the device name before broadcasting the device name?  Thanks!
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  • PSoC4S CY8C4126AXI-S445 EXTCLK settings

    Hi,   In order to operate PSoC4S with an external clock, Enabled EXTCLK of Configure System Clocks.   Frequency is 24MHz Accuracy is -2% to + 2%. HFCLK set to EXTCKL   No error occurs after Build...
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  • Sample code: Waking up Deep Sleep by WDT

    Hi Experts,   I want sample code that wakes up from Deep Sleep by WDT on CY8CKIT-147. Do you have this sample code? I referred to a sample code on PSoC4200M, but it doesn't work on PSoC4100PS.   Thanks !
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  • Touch signal value is gradually decreasing with the time even though button is touched

    Hello, I am using CY8CKIT-042 PSoC® 4 Pioneer Kit. I am using it for the CapSense design with 10 buttons and 2 sliders.   We are facing an issue where Touch Signal Value in the Tuner graph gradually decrease...
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  • How to create callback from bootloader on PSoC 4?

    This code in the bootloader seems to make defining a callback macro for new commands for the bootloader difficult:   #if ((CYDEV_PROJ_TYPE != CYDEV_PROJ_TYPE_LAUNCHER) && (!CY_PSOC3)) /** *  This...
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  • CY8C4014FNI-421AT WLCSP ZIF sockets for pre-programming the MCU

    Hello!   This is regarding the pre-programming options available for PSoC 4 MCU (CY8C4014FNI-421AT, 16-Ball WLCSP (1.45x1.56x0.42mm). I tried reaching out to a list of Device system programmer companies that hel...
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  • Link appears broken

    I can't access the file "How to use software reset and retrieve the reset cause"   https://www.cypress.com/documentation/software-and-drivers/how-use-software-reset-and-retrieve-reset-cause Once clicked, this ...
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  • PSoC4 Battery Power

    Hello everyone.   I want to use CY8C4024LQI-S401 with battery directly.   1. Is it possible to using battery from 3V to 1.8V without external component(DC/DC or LDO)?   It is required long operating ...
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  • Problems about CY8C4025PVS-S412

    我们想用Cypress的CY8C4025PVS-S412做一个车载中控娱乐系统触控控制器的项目,有几个问题想请教下,谢谢!   1、这个IC的Analog pin是否都可以用来当作CSD block来使用? 2、能否帮忙提供CSD模块Application note或者check list? 3、我们打算采用FPC类型的电容按键,这颗IC是否支持?
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  • Dcoumentation about CYBLE_EVT_GAPC_SCAN_START_STOP

    Hello,   I'm working on a Psoc4 application. My application is composed by a central device which receives advertisement data from one or more peripheral devices. The main information flux occurs in the advertis...
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  • Bootloader和Bootloadable flash空间使用

    Hi   我用CY8C4014LQI-422建的bootloader工程编译后占用了>30%的flash,bootloadable+应用程序占用了>80% flash。 这样计算是不是超出flash空间?   BR Grace
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  • Re: Use Debug/Release to condition the inclusion or activation of top level design components? Possible? How?

    Although there is a #define DEBUG made when compiling in debug mode there is no choice to in- or exclude a component based on that. The reason for that is: the fitter process runs before any C-Language is compiled an...
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  • Can cy8ckit-042-ble pioneer baseboard used to program custom board having controller from psoc 4100 s plus family?

    I was trying to program a custom board having cy8c4147aza with cy8ckit 042 ble pioneer board; but in the psoc creator it shows device was recognized but  PSOC creator does not support at this time(see attachment)...
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  • Touch controller as standby button

    We think about using the touch controller “CY8CMBR3102-SX1IT” as an standby button for our product. I tested the touch button with the evaluation board and it performs very good. Now I am wondering if th...
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  • Analog Coprocessor Use PGA component as inverted PGA

    Hi,   We would like to use the PGA component of analog coprocessor as an inverted PGA.     With the above configuration, no error occurs in build.   (1) Is this usage possible?   (2) ...
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  • How to Program CY8C4014SXI-421 using AN84858?

    Dear Group Members,       I want to program my CY8C4014SXI-421 device using an application note provided by Cypress (PSoC 4 Programming Using an External Microcontroller (HSSP) - AN84858). ...
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  • PSOC 4 Bootloader Command Timing

    Hi all,   I am implementing an embedded bootloader host application to program a CY8C4247LTI-L475. In the bootloader configuration for the PSoC, I am using the bootloader schematic component with the SPI communi...
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  • 互电容低功耗平均功耗能作到多少,例程能否发我一下

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