• Authentication example using passkey

    Hello,   I'm looking for some guidance in how the authentication process through passkey works.   I have found some examples showing the peripheral side, like this one: PSoC4-MCU-BLE-Connectivity-Designs/B...
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  • Single ended negative input for PSoC4100S

    Hello,   I have two quesitons about PSoC4100S ADC SAR Seq. 1.About the converted resolution in case of each Single ended negative input for PSoC4100S.  Is my understanding correct?    [a. In case of...
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  • PSoC 4 CSD self-test capabilities

    Is there an updated version of an Application Note from 2007, AN17582, "Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA) Implementation for CSD" ? AN17582 was written for PSoC 1 as it lists PSoC Designer version 4.4.   ...
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  • How to make capsense program

    Please tell me how to make capsense program. It would be helpful if you could get the whole project if you like.   I currently have the following issues Suddenly, the capacitance sensor does not read the value...
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  • PWM output not LOW when Compare == 0

    Hi,   In a PSoC4 CY8C4146 project I use 16-bit TCPWM in which case the PWM compare value is varied from 0 to some value.   However, for compare value 0, the output is set HIGH instead of LOW, also depicted...
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  • EEPROM Setup

    Hello The following line of code results in a warning when compiled.  I followed the EEPROM setup from an applications note I found on your website.  The EEPROM is working fine.  However,  I'd lik...
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  • Psoc Creator adding CY8C4126AXI-S453

    Hello to every one. how can I add to Psoc Creator 4.2 the CY8C4126AXI-S453? Thanks Henry
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  • dht22

    Hi everyone, I have done a project with PSoC 4200 and sensor DHT22. The problem is that when I show the temperature o humidity data on a screen, two values for each one are shown to me (the real value and 9), both wit...
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  • Is it possible that 8PWMs set to swap compare buffers in CY8C4146AZI-S443?

    Hello,   We know that PSoC4100S plus has 8 PWMs. we require them that set to swap compare buffers at TC in CY8C4146AZI-S443. Please see the below schematics.   Unfortunately, we have an error like bel...
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  • Wireless certification about CY8C4248LQI-BL583

    無線認証に関して質問です。   PSoC4(CY8C4248LQI-BL583)を使用して自社の製品開発を行っています。 日本の無線認証(工事設計認証)試験において問題が発生しているため質問させてください。   マイコンからの無線出力をアンテナの手前で直接ケーブルに接続し、2.440GHzの変調波と無変調波 を測定したところ添付のような波形が計測されました。変調波のほうは問題なさそうですが、無変調波 ...
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  • PIN195102Aによるラベル仕様変更詳細資料について

    PIN195102Aにて、ラベルの変更があり、 資料の変更をしなければなりません。 そのためPIN195102Aに記載されているラベルの新フォーマットについての 資料を入手したいと考えております。   CypressサイトのPackaging Programは更新されていないようです。 https://www.cypress.com/documentation/product-overviews/cy-pak-...
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  • Can anyone tell configuration of I2C for Sitara processor AM335x?

    Hi,   I am using TI Starterware SDK and Sitara AM335x starter kit on windows host PC. I configured I2C with Transmit Data ready interrupt, Read Data Ready Interrupt, No Acknwledgement Interrupt, and Stop Interru...
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  • SPI with CRC

    Can anyone plz share the example code for SPI with CRC for 4200series?
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  • Double click detection

    I like to implement the double click function with a timer. But it seems not working. And I am not sure it is the good way to implement the function. Please advise.   #define BUTTON_CLICKTIME_MS_MAX  ...
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    In this section of https://www.cypress.com/documentation/technical-reference-manuals/psoc-4200l-family-psoc-4-registers-technical-reference   it says "Use 0 for EP1, 1 for EP2, etc." under DYN_CONFIG_EN, but DY...
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  • CE195275 SAR ADC and Die Temperature Sensor with CY8CKIT149

    Hello,   I configured like below. 1.VDDA is the input voltage of theVDDA pin as set in the Design Wide Resources (*.cydwr) System editor.    VDDA is set to 4.60V.    And the vref of ADC_...
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  • CapSense Tuner Parameter change

    Hi.   I use PSoC 4100S Plus. I use CapSense Tuner. I changed parameters on the tuner.   Sense clock frequency 6000kHz    =>    3000kHz   Then, the signal of the ch...
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  • Regarding VDDA absolute maximum rating of PSoC4S.

    Hello Cypress.   Could you please let us know VDDA absolute maximum rating of PSoC4S? DS describes only VDDD absolute maximum rating(VDDD_ABS).   Best Regards. Yutaka Matsubara
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  • Regarding an increase of CapSense RawCount at Power up.

    Hello Cypress.   I confirmed that an increase of RawCount at Power up after Power-off(USB cable is removed, for about 5min). Please confirm PNG file.   Is this the intended behavior? And could you ple...
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  • Regarding communication mode of CapSense Tuner

    Hello Cypress.   I found a symptom that RawCount Noise changes by communication mode. At communication mode is Asynchronized, RawCount Noise is higher. At communication mode is Synchronized, RawCount Noise is...
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