• Capsence layoute Designing

    Hello, I'm Vaibhav Italiya From India , currently I Start My New Business In Home Automation Sector With Capsence Touch Board For Wall Switch On IOT Application , Currently i Learning with PCB Layout Designing , I ha...
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  • PSOC4(CY8C4014SXI-421)

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  • The ADC component can not work stand along in PSOC 4700S

    Hello,   I work on CY8CKIT-148 and just want to simply use a 10bit ADC component stand along, but it halts the line while(ADC_IsBusy() != ADC_STATUS_IDLE) within ADC_Start() . I guess the MagSense function is ...
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  • CapSense baseline noise problem.

    Hi all     Customer project encountered a problem.Choosing sync when adjusting baseline is different from choosing noise interference. Phenomenon is like graph.    This is choose sync'd rea...
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  • PSOC 4200 BLE Fixed stack BLE OTA not working through Android Application

    Hi,   I am working on Fixed stack OTA upgrade on CY8C4248LQI-BL583. OTA Upgrade is happening through CySmart Dongle but it is not working through Application. If I check the status on Teraterm then I am getting ...
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  • Special ports of GPIO

    Hello,   I consider designing with PSoC4100SPlus and refer to the following application note. But there is no description about the device. - PSoC 4 Hardware Design Considerations (AN88619)   Especially, ...
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  • Re: UART Communication block

    what I am trying to do is pass different period values (2 bytes) to counter 1, 2, and 3 through the hyper terminal (have them saved in a memory or buffer) then after I do a an external reset my outputs from the TCPWM ...
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  • Can UART of PSOC4 work at the baudrate of 2.5Mbps?

    Hello,   I need a 2.5Mbps baudrate of UART and set it with the code below:   UART_Stop(); clk_divide = 40000000/2500000/8-1;     //the oversampling of 8 has been set in UART component ...
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    Can someone tell me why it does not detect the data in this project well?   I get the valor 1 for humidity and temperature.   Thanks in advance
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  • What sort of runaway causes a reset on PSoC4000S?

    Hello,   We know that there is the explanation about Watch Dog Timer in "Watchdog Timer in the PSoC® 4000 Family – KBA91373". Of course, in case of PSoC4000S, there is a difference in the number of W...
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  • EmEEPROM shared by both Bootloader and Application

    Hello,   I'm using PSoC4100S family micro-controller (CY8C4146LQI-S422T). I'm trying to share EmEEPROM between Bootloader and Application. I would want both Bootloader and application to be able to read/write th...
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  • ds1307 rtc reading random values

    hello. I'm working on an rtc based project although this is my first time of using it. the external rtc I interfaced with psoc4 is reading random values.  can someone pls tell me what could be the problem. Attac...
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  • Regarding how to confirm PSoC4(CY8C4125) reset trigger.

    Hello.   Customer would like to confirm reset trigger. They would like to distinguish which reset occurred.   Is there way to confirm which reset trigger of Power On Reset, Brown out Reset and External ...
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  • Solution: Use Kitprog to Program PSoC 4000 without XRES pin

    Solution: Use Kitprog to Program PSoC 4000 without XRES pin   version 1 Sept 12, 2019.   Several PSoC 4000 chips do not have the XRES pin.  XRES is typically used by Kitprog to reset the chip to acqu...
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  • How to create callback from bootloader on PSoC 4?

    This code in the bootloader seems to make defining a callback macro for new commands for the bootloader difficult:   #if ((CYDEV_PROJ_TYPE != CYDEV_PROJ_TYPE_LAUNCHER) && (!CY_PSOC3)) /** *  This...
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  • Ezi2c Write callback

    Hi,      客户在使用EZI2C的时候,希望在I2C Master完成写入操作后,通过EZI2C callback的方式进行数据处理,但是没有找到相关的API,请问,有EZI2C的callback处理的相关例程么?   Best Regards Simon
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  • Can I read a program from Psoc4?

    I need to know the version of the program that was previously designed with CY8C4127LTI-M475. However, I don't know how to read program data for PIC. Please let me know if you have any reading methods or tools.
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  • CySmart 4.2 access

    I need to send some data to a PSOC device via Cypress BLE dongle (CY SAMRT 4.2) This through a dedicated GUI I am building. I am looking for a library I can use to access the dongle via the USB port. Any documenta...
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  • cy8ckit-046 PSOC 4L USB Audio streaming

    Using Windows 10 Using the USB Audio example on the mentioned cy8ckit-046.   The device enumerates but does not stream audio out the audio jack.   No changes to the example were made.     Keith
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  • UART Communication block

    I am trying to use the UART communication block using CY8CKIT-043 prototype kit. I am using the standard UART block with the default settings. I only have two commands, UART_Start(); and UART_UART_PutString ("Hello Wo...
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