• PSCO4 button issue:

          when i use pos4 to driver button , thre seting is below , the button just get the the zero, not get the one , i check the io ,it change from3.3 to 0v, i don;t understand wath the pin_re...
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  • I ask you technical question about cy8c4248lqi-bl583

    Hi?   We are a provider of access control systems. We provide access control services using BLE beacons.   We are replacing the existing BLE chipset with your cy8c4248lqi-bl583 model.   I have some prob...
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  • Clock Stretch for I2C slave of PSoC4000S

    Hello,   Can the I2C slave component of PSoC4000S stretch SCL?   If it can not stretch SCL, is it possible to make stretch circuit with SmartIO and output pins?   Best regards, Yocchi
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  • RS485 receive interrupt using SCB UART mode

    Hello All,   I am working on PSOC4 CY8C4246AZI-445 Controller and implementing RS485 communication using SCB UART mode. I am trying to receive data from RS485 slave, I configured Uart in receive interrupt and I...
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  • PSOC4 BOD for  Low Voltage Problem?

    hi Cypress:     when we use  CY8C4025 part  , we meet the hard issue to solve it;   Description: the normally voltage is 5V in  VDD, when we  turn off the power supply, the vo...
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  • Handling N/A register of programming CY8CMBR3108S

    About CY8CMBR3108S programming   CY8CMBR3108S have some N/A register. When we try to program from host using HEX file. We can see the value for all of register include N/A register in HEX file.   We will ...
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  • Reset if the program is jumped to the unused flash area

    Hello,   We would like to reset if the program is jumped to the unused flash area. Do you have any good ideas about that?   Best regards, Yocchi
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  • CY8CKIT-145-40XX以外のCapSense Prototyping Kit有無

    CY8CKIT-145-40XXよりI/Oピンが多いPrototyping Kitはありますでしょうか?   CY8CKIT-145-40XXに搭載されているCY8C4045AZI-S413のI/Oピン数は36であり、 ボタン+LEDを前提とすると13個程度が限界の認識です。(その他はUART通信やShield等で使用)   PSoC Creator [Project]->[Device Select...
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  • Regarding current consumption of inductive sensor(PSoC4700S).

    Hello Cypress   Q1) Could you please let us know current consumption of inductive sensor(PSoC4700S)? Is there general current consumption data at some modes(active, low power, etc)?   Is it possible to...
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  • Jumping to CY_ISR(IntDefaultHandler) if PSoC4S runs in the unused flash area

    Hello,   I tried whether Program counter is jumped to Hard Fault or NMI if PSoC4S runs in the unused flash area like "Execution of an Undefinded instruction" of Cortex™-M0+ Devices Generic User Guide(ARM...
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  • Consultation on the motor of CY8C4146

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  • About IO state of SWD

    Hello,   I want to know the status of each SWD port in the setting that enables SWD port in PSoC4. The attached image was considered based on the following information.   - I/O State on Power Up   P...
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  • PSoC4100SP : Input AC Specification

    Please answer below. The same question is written in English and Japanese.   ・English Is there a limit to the slope of the input voltage to IO?       ・Japanese(日本語) IOへの入力電圧の傾きに制限ありますか?  ...
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  • PSoC4100SP:Slew Rate Chage

    Please answer below. The same question is written in English and Japanese.   ・English https://community.cypress.com/thread/46805 Continues the above thread.   When changing slew rate, I change "PORT _ SL...
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  • Using BLE pa_en on  CYBLE_214015 module

    Hi   I would like to used the BLE pa_en functionality on a CYBLE_214015 module to trigger an interrupt. Is there anyway to achieve this? (See attached project for my attempt)   Regards Pete
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  • How can I direct a const variable to be linked to a specific flash address?

    Hi,   I'm developing a C project on a PSoC 4200M using Creator v4.2 with the ARM GCC 5.4-2016-q2-update toolchain.   I have some const variables that need to be linked to specific flash addresses, so my qu...
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  • CY8CKIT-046 USB audio Sampling Rate 32 ksps

    Hi ! For a new project I need change sampling rate to 32 ksps for USB Audio stream and codec WM8731 in CY8CKIT-046 kit. Change configure USBFS AUDIO descriptor and change source files did not help, where is the erro...
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  • PSOC4 EZI2C Slave Holds the I2C bus issue

    I am using PSOC4 CY8C4041LQI for Capsense keypad application and it is communicating with Nordic Controller over I2C.   CY8C4041LQI is a I2C slave device and we have used EZI2C SCB for slave.   By Analyz...
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  • what voltage wave can I see at Cmod?

    Hi,      I am using CE210709 in the CY8CKIT-145-4045S board.      the slider will be scaned by 4045s. according to the CSD woring principle,there will have a voltage wave ,tri...
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  • Recommend PSOC4700 to The Customer as A Liquid Flow Meter Need Support

    Hi All 我们这边找到 一个做水表的客户,聊了聊 PSOC4700 ,客户挺感兴趣的,想进一步测试下产品的性能。   Customer Solutions: 目前客户采用的方案 类似于发电机,通过 线圈切割磁力线 产生微弱的感应电动势,一个频率变化的正弦波,再由ADI/TI 的运放放大器 组成过零比较器 将微弱的正弦波 放大整形 变成 方波 脉冲,输入到主控MSP430的引脚 进行计数。电源方面采用 太阳能或者干电...
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