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    hi everybody, for the first time i am writing program on CY8C4A45AZI-483. program gets build with no error on psoc creator 4.2 but showing adc compatibility note. files attached. i reinstall creator with updatation...
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  • How to configure the ports P1 of CY8C4127 as general-purpose I/O and Output mode with Register programming?

    How to configure the ports P1 of CY8C4127 as general-purpose I/O and Output mode with Register programming?
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  • How to send the notification in psoc 4 ble

    I am trying to send the notification to the client from the psoc 4 ble how can i send the notication from psoc ble to the client. I am making use of the custom services and characteristics , how to select the uuid for...
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  • CE224703 PSOC4 WDT work on -042 kit but on on -044 kit

    I am trying to implement a WDT interrupt on a P4100M device.  I found the code example CE224703 - PSOC4 WDT.   It produces the output in the pdf on the CY8CKIT-042 kit. The WDT interrupt sets a flag and...
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  • MBR3116 Clock

    Hi   Below is the captured waveform of MBR3116 CS0 pin, which is connected to a sensor. It shows a frequency-changing waveform. Is that coz MBR3 uses PRS clock? Could the clock frequency be decreased by modify...
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  • Changing period and compare value directly during running Timer/Counter

    Hello,   I would like to change period and compare value directly in TC interrupt handler with API during running Timer/Counter of PSoC4000S. Is there no problem? Or can we only use swap of PWM instead of Time...
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  • ADC read issue

    Hello, I am using PSoC 4200M series (CY8C4247AZI-M485). I was trying to use the ADC. Just to get a feel for it, I uploaded the ADC_SAR_Seq_Die_Temp_PSoC4 example code in the PSoC creator 4.2 to check the measured vol...
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  • CapSense[v6.0] vs CapSense_ADC[v6.0]

    Hi All,   I am using a PSoC 4100S device with CapSense.   There seems to be two CapSense components CapSense[v6.0] and CapSense_ADC[v6.0].     What is the difference between these two compon...
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  • UART baudrate configuration when PSOC4 is running on EXTCLK

    I'm using PSOC4 - CY8C4245PVI with external clk of 10Mhz at P0.6. This is working fine. But my UART (SCB) is not working. I've configure UART for 115200baudrate.
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  • Internal connection to GND

    Can I connect a mux input to GND internally or do I have to create a pin and connect to GND?
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  • bluetooth connection stops

    Hi, I am using the CYBLE-022001 (BLE profile HID over GATT) and an iPhone.  *This is my first post! Let me know if I left out any info*   I am able to successfully pair my device to my iPhone and the connec...
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  • Magsense and Capsense Demo

    Hi,   we want to use 4 MagSense buttons and 4 CapSense buttons simultaneously with PSoC 4700S. The PSoC 4700S has both components, is it possible to use them at once or do they share some components of the psoc...
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  • Project builds on one PC but not on another

    We have a project that nicely builds on two PC’s (in less than a minute)   On another PC the exact same project takes 1 ½ hour to do the same. On this one two nets seems to be splitted – accordi...
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  • Is it possible to clear SFLASH memory while programming in PSoC 4?

    I am using SFLASH to record user preferences but I would like to erase it when I reprogram.   Is it possible to erase SFLASH memory in each proggraming with Psoc programmer? I am using psoc4.0 .
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  • Are the scan period with PRS(SSC) sense clock and the scan period with Direct the same when other settings are the same?

    I think the scan period with PRS(SSC) sense clock and the scan period with Direct are the same,   ensor scan time = ((2^resolution - 1) / modclk), when other settings are the same. Is it correct? If no, ho...
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  • Not able to program CY8C4724LQI-S401

    Hi Team, Am getting below error, please let me know how to resolve. Error: "This device was recognized, but PSOC creator does not support using it at this time" Tools used for programming: PSoC Creator Target IC: ...
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  • How to use cy8ckit-040 as programmer to Program External PSoC 4000?

    HI, Dear friends   cypress kit: cy8ckit-040 poineer kit links: https://www.cypress.com/documentation/development-kitsboards/cy8ckit-040-psoc-4000-pioneer-development-kit   External IC Details: cy8c4014...
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  • Two UARTs and two buffer over 8 bytes - one of them not works ok

    Hi all,   I am new in community and its my first question about PsoC4 - forgive me mistakes . I'm working with CY8C4248LQI-BL583 from Cy8ckit-042-BLE-A kit and i have problem with buffer when i use two separate...
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  • Difference between "Programmed hex" and "Read to hex" with PSoC Programmer

    Hello,   I compared hex files between "Programmed hex" and "Read to hex" with PSoC Programmer. There was a difference between the two(518th line). Of course, the checksum of the hex files are the same(514th lin...
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  • PSoC 4 Pioneer Kit: Debug vs Release: Timer not working in release mode

    Hey,   I'm using the Eddystone Project from the "100_Project_in_100_Days" Example: PSoC-4-BLE/100_Projects_in_100_Days/Project050_Eddystone at master · cypresssemiconductorco/PSoC-4-BLE · GitHub  ...
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