• clock stops!

    How good is the phase locked loop on the PSOC 4? I'm seeing clock stop for a tiny bit every so often. I see you have an issue here:       Output behavior of CY22393 (or CY22381, CY22392, CY22394, CY2...
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  • PSOC4 EZI2C Slave Holds the I2C bus issue

    I am using PSOC4 CY8C4041LQI for Capsense keypad application and it is communicating with Nordic Controller over I2C.   CY8C4041LQI is a I2C slave device and we have used EZI2C SCB for slave.   By Analyz...
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  • psoc 4 compiler problem error: variably modified 'xxx' at file scope

    Hi All, I have a problem with the attachment project. Alaways show below error message ,   main.c:328:11: error: variably modified 'bms_ic' at file scope cell_asic bms_ic[TOTAL_IC];   I have been unable ...
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  • PSoC4100SP : Input AC Specification

    Please answer below. The same question is written in English and Japanese.   ・English Is there a limit to the slope of the input voltage to IO?       ・Japanese(日本語) IOへの入力電圧の傾きに制限ありますか?  ...
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  • Psoc4 PWM led light flash one time randomly when use array of sine waves

    Hi SIr,   我通过定时器设置中断时间写compare值实现呼吸灯,这些值来自正弦波的数组,256个等级,实现8s一个周期,所以定时16ms。   问题描述:灯光随机会出现闪一下的现象。   问题排查:1.我怀疑是写进去的值与实际的值不一样,就打印了XX_ReadCompare()值,结果与数组的值一致,用示波器看波形,发现灯闪的时候,波形也没有跳变的过程。 2.当PWM的clock从2...
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  • Regarding current consumption of inductive sensor(PSoC4700S).

    Hello Cypress   Q1) Could you please let us know current consumption of inductive sensor(PSoC4700S)? Is there general current consumption data at some modes(active, low power, etc)?   Is it possible to...
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  • How many sensors can I have? (CapSense)

    Hello Experts,   I'm considering an application of many buttons with CapSense - CSD in PSoC 4L. How many sensors can I prepare?   According to the PSoC 4/6 CapSense Design Guide (Table 3-3), 68 and 22 sens...
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  • CY8CKIT-145-40XX以外のCapSense Prototyping Kit有無

    CY8CKIT-145-40XXよりI/Oピンが多いPrototyping Kitはありますでしょうか?   CY8CKIT-145-40XXに搭載されているCY8C4045AZI-S413のI/Oピン数は36であり、 ボタン+LEDを前提とすると13個程度が限界の認識です。(その他はUART通信やShield等で使用)   PSoC Creator [Project]->[Device Select...
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  • how to change slew rate - PSoC

    Re: PSoC4100SP:SPI(Master) Slew rate change The answer in this thread is to change the register(GPIO_PRTx_PC[25]). Is it okay to change the setting of Pin ?
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  • CY8CKIT-145-40XX PSoC 4000S uploading programs

            I just wrote a simple program of one LED light blinking at 500 milliseconds delay. I would like to upload this program to the Psoc board, but am unable to upload the program. I try to d...
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  • Restarting CapSense_Start()

    Hello,   If the PSoC4000S for CapSense can not powered off, we would like to restart CapSense on a regular basis. If CapSens_Start() function is restarted, where should we insert it?   I think that this i...
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  • About CapSense_CalibrateAllWidgets

    Hello,   There is the explanation about CapSense_CalibrateAllWidgets function like below. and CapSense_CalibrateWidget function too.   Calibrates the IDACs for all widgets in the component to the default ...
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  • Recommend PSOC4700 to The Customer as A Liquid Flow Meter Need Support

    Hi All 我们这边找到 一个做水表的客户,聊了聊 PSOC4700 ,客户挺感兴趣的,想进一步测试下产品的性能。   Customer Solutions: 目前客户采用的方案 类似于发电机,通过 线圈切割磁力线 产生微弱的感应电动势,一个频率变化的正弦波,再由ADI/TI 的运放放大器 组成过零比较器 将微弱的正弦波 放大整形 变成 方波 脉冲,输入到主控MSP430的引脚 进行计数。电源方面采用 太阳能或者干电...
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  • PSoC4100SP:Slew Rate Chage

    Please answer below. The same question is written in English and Japanese.   ・English https://community.cypress.com/thread/46805 Continues the above thread.   When changing slew rate, I change "PORT _ SL...
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  • ADC Result on PSoC4000S (CY8C4045AZI)

    Hello. I don't understand how to calculate ADC result in "millivolt [mV]" using ADC_1_ReadResult_mVolts() function.   I think that calculation is needed for ADC conversion value(digital value) to Voltage. Fo...
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  • PSoC4100SP:SPI(Master) Slew rate

    Please answer below. The same question is written in English and Japanese.     ・English Is the Slew rate of SPI (Master) MOSI, CS or CLK GPIO or SIO?   ・Japanese(日本語) SPI(Master)のSlew rateは、GPIO,S...
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  • PSoC4100SP:Internal regulator default setting

    Please answer below. The same question is written in English and Japanese.   ・English Is the internal regulator set to ON by default? Do I need to configure anything to use the integrated regulator?   ・J...
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  • How can I set WDT to reset directly? PSoC 4100S (CY8C4125AXI-S433)

    Following figure is about WDT of PSoC 4000 / PSoC 4000S / 4100S and PSoC Analog Coprocessor in cy_lfclk_v1_20. I think the figure I think this figure explains that the WDT can reset directly. But, there is not Wat...
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  • Is it possible to invert Pin for Interrupt?

    Hello,   I'm using PsoC 4 CY8C4127AZI-S445 and I need an interrupt from an digital input pin.   So far so good. Following picture shows how I created it in the TopDesign:   I'm getting an interrupt...
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  • PSOC 4200 SWD Debug - How can I stream internal variables at high data rate?

    Hello,   I'm using PSOC 4200 series uC. I used PSOC creator as my IDE when I wrote my application program. It seems PSOC creator has a very basic debugging interface where I'm not able to stream internal variabl...
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