• PSoC 4 GPIO termination

    Hello,   I am designing a prototype board with PSoC 4 WLCSP package device (CY8C4014FNI-421AT). I went through the sample schematics for CY8CKIT-040 and also checked the Technical Reference manual for the device...
    created by NaJa_4363881
  • MiniProg 3 for in-circuit programming of PSoC 4 WLCSP

    Hello!   I am trying to establish an SWD interface between PSoC 4 WLCSP Package (CY8C4014FNI-421AT) and Mini Prog3 but is having issues with finding a way for seamless integration between the devices, as the men...
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  • Can default Interrupts be handled and while loop escapes be added to CE222306

    I’m looking for explanation or confirmation of a couple issues found while using CE222306 - PSoC 4 I2C Master   1) There appears to be an interrupt preventing the For loop in Main.c from proceeding beyond ...
    created by GrCa_1363456
  • PSoC 4200 Amux Electrical Characteristics Additional Information

    I am planning to design Multi Channel Audio Mixer + Summing unit which will take audio tracks/signals from different sources/instruments and mix/sum/block some or all the signals to outputs with PSoC Amux (into 2 Chan...
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  • What are the factors that effect the Scan time of the Cap Sense module when used with CY8CKIT-042 PSoC® 4 Pioneer Kit?

    Hello, I am using CY8CKIT-042 PSoC® 4 Pioneer Kit. I am using it for the Cap Sense design with 10 buttons and 2 sliders. I am tuning them using manual tuning.   The problem what i am facing is there is a sma...
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  • Hi Bridge control panel code for EZI2C slave.

    I have a doubt with bridge control panel code for EZI2C slave. I made a code it is collecting data but not the correct data from the cypress. example the raw count it shows is not same as the raw count in the tuner gr...
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  • Regarding PSoC4 I2C reset for I2C slave hang up(SDA is low)

    Hello Cypress.   I2C slave hang up(SDA is low) occurs sometimes when PSoC4(I2C master) reads I2C slave device.   I added the following code(Reset I2C) at between I2CM_Start and each clear code to solve I...
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  • PSoC4S CY8C4126AXI-S445 EXTCLK settings

    Hi,   In order to operate PSoC4S with an external clock, Enabled EXTCLK of Configure System Clocks.   Frequency is 24MHz Accuracy is -2% to + 2%. HFCLK set to EXTCKL   No error occurs after Build...
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  • PSoC4  Checksum Failed

    对芯片进行烧录时,总是提示校验失败,但是读出来的hex文件与烧录文件又没有差别。 When the chip is burned, the verification fails, but the read hex file is no different from the burned file.
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  • How do you create a Combination-Launcher project?

    Hello,   I need to be able to upgrade the firmware on my board without exiting the application. There are states that need to be maintained and interrupts that need to stay active during the firmware upgrade pro...
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  • PSOC 4 Battery Charging

    I would prefer to integrate with lithium ion battery. Is there some application note around this kind of integration?   I am currently evaluating MCP73171 from microchip to power lithium ion battery.  Needs ...
    created by JeCr_2235141
  • I would like to power PSOC4 using rechargeable battery.

    I would prefer to integrate with lithium ion battery. Is there some application note around this kind of integration?   I am currently evaluating MCP73171 from microchip to power lithium ion battery.  Needs...
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  • Problem using EM_EEPROM with BOOTLOADER and Cy8ckit_049

    I have a major problem with a design in which I am trying to use the example EM_EEPROM component from the pioneer kit to store a few strings in flash on a Cy8ckit-049 platform.  I ported the the quite simple EM_E...
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  • Em_EEPROM Erase and lockup

    I am using CY8C4248LQI-BL483. I have a bootable stack and application. I am bonding to the device. I'm using em_EEPROM V2.2   When I write to a secure BLE characteristic from my phone and then some time later in...
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  • Vref of PSoC4(CY8C4247LTI-L475)

    Hi all,   [1] Ext Vref(P1.7) How much  is the ampacity of Vref(P1.7) of CY8C4247LTI-L475?   [2]Internal Vref(1.024V) Is it possible to to output the internal Vref(1.024V) outside CY8C4247LTI-L475?...
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  • PSoC4100S Plus CapSense のプロセスばらつきについて

    ご担当者様   CSD方式のCapSenseで、 Finger Threshold のマージンを検討するにあたり、プロセスばらつきのパラメータを考慮したいのですが、 PSoC4100S Plus では、プロセスばらつきによるRawカウントの変動は何%程度あるでしょうか?   (補足) マージン検討においては電圧や温度変動、基板や電極などの外部要因のばらつきの方が支配的で、 プロセスのばらつきはほとん...
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  • Modify clock frequency using code

    Hi  Sir ,      In the project attched , the clock frequency is 4MHz .If I want change the frequency from 4MHz to 1MHz using code ,not the component,how shall I do ?     ...
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    I have a master I2C that is trying to write a buffer to a slave. After calling the write function, I am checking the master status and receiving the following error - SCB_I2C_MSTAT_ERR_SHORT_XFER.   What could t...
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  • About the power and reset sequence of CY8C4247LTI-L475?

    Hi all,   Could you tell me about the precautions for turning PSoC4(CY8C4247LTI-L475) on / off (each power supply and reset)?   Thanks,
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  • USB Register Reference Design

    I am looking to see if a reference design exists for a USB register interface on a PSOC.  My goal would be to have an application on windows and be able to write a register to control some GPIO.   Does Cypr...
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