• global variables updated in ISR does not updated in main loop

    I am using CY8C4025AZI-S413 with PSoC4 and PSoC 4000S series microcontroller. I have chosen SCB mode as UART , enabled receive interrupt in ISR routine Please refer following program : /* ==========================...
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  • Input pin enable/disable in software!!

    All,   How can I enable/disable an input pin in software? I am using a scb configured as a UART component with the TX pin connected through a 1K resistor to the RX pin and then connected to a bidirectional one w...
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  • Characteristic properties

    Hi everyone,   Can anyone tell me the difference between the different properties of a feature or a page where they explain it?   Thank you
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  • Re: Dual Role: Client and Server  Low Power

    Hello Luigi,   1. Could you please let me know in which state (whether it is in advertising state or in connected state) the device rarely enters into the low power mode ? 2. Could you please check with the AN92...
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  • Get the project from board

    Hi,I've loaded a project into CY8CKIT-044 and I want to get this project from device to computer is it available?
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  • One shot with multi trigger with PWM block

    I am using the PSoc 4M -Series Prototyping Kit.  CY8CKIT-043   I am creating a solution which involves the generation of a waveform (GPIO output) that can be used to trigger older hardware light controllers...
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  • Event: MAKEMIT February 22-23, 2020 Q & A

    For Those of You About to Make – We Salute You     MAKEMIT is an engineering makeathon that brings together over 250 students who are passionate about designing and building. Across 18+ hours, groups o...
    Patrick Kane
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  • Please Cypress help provide close part number to correspond to TI IC

    Hi Cypress, Please Cypress help provide close part number to correspond to TI IC.   Thanks, Lin
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  • TFT display interfece

    Hi i want to interface the 2.4" TFT display interface with psoc 4 Microcontroller . Display driver is ST7789V.  please share some reference code or any basic code to start with.   thanks in advance .  ...
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  • Bluetooth programming of psoc 4 ble?

    Is it possible to program through bluetooth a psoc 4 ble, for example for tuning the capsense parameters without using the SWD connections but instead bluetooth?
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  • 工程编译报错

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  • CapSense_Csd_P4_Trackpad_Gestures, code example, driver error when connecting to Windows 10

    I'm trying to use the code example CapSense_Csd_P4_Trackpad_Gestures on a CYBLE_214015_01 (psoc 4 ble), but I keep getting a driver error when connecting it to a Windows 10 pc, after a first connection is accomplished...
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  • Dual Role: Client and Server  Low Power

    Hi every one,,,, Recently I've been suggested from Cypress Help a Psoc4 Creator  design where my application can be both Client and Server at the same time (.....) The project seems to work quite fine, BUT:...
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  • Configuration for PSoC4S Clock component

    Hello, I have three questions about PSoC4S Clock component. I am using for PWM. I tried three kind of configuration for Clock component. In this case, I set the HFCLK as trimmed with WCO.   1.if "Clock typ...
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  • PSoC 4100S Plus GPIO current

    Hi.   My customer use PSoC 4100S Plus (CY8C4147AZI-S455 or CY8C4127AZI-S455).   I understand , the maximum source current per GPIO pin should be less than or equal to 4mA and maximum sink current per GPIO ...
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  • PSOC 4100 SPI slave issue

    I have a SPI slave mode problem with interrupt mode. When I use polling communication is normal. I can receive SPI Master  frame and response slave frame data. But, I try interrupt mode. it Will be stuck in the...
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  • Recommendations to achieve I2C speeds with cost effective PSoC 4 components?

    I’ve found: - I2C FM+ mode is NOT supported in PSoC 4100S due to lack of OVT-GPIO pins. - I2C speed appears to be limited to 50KHz due to lack of PLLs - Using ISRs appears to have an affect on the maximum I2C...
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  • Red mask on the component in schematic

    Hi All   I am new to PSoC , why do I see this red mask on the component in my schematic ? I updated the component library version   Thanks in advance  
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  • SerialPlot: interface to real-time data charts

    Hi, This is announcement for new custom component for interfacing with real-time plotting software SerialPlot: SerialPlot: interface to real-time data charts   Regards, /odissey1
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  • Cypress USB HID Driver for windows 7 system

    Hi      We used PSOC 4 CY8C4246AZI-L445 USB controller. We use this controller for single USB output for keyboard and mouse data. But our customer windows 7 PC not connected to internet the keybo...
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