• CY8C4247FNI-BL483 footprint not consistent with pin list table

    I'm looking at the datasheet for this part, Document Number: 002-23053 Revised Feb 22, 2018.   The BGA footprint on page 42 shows pins H8, J8, J5 and J4 removed.   The Pin List for WLCSP (BGA) is shown in ...
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  • How to use printf() in Psoc Creator project ?

    Hi ,   I can only print data using UART_UartPutString() function,but i can not use printf() function to print data,no error,but print nothing. Is something i did not do?   #include "stdio.h" heap is set ...
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  • CY8C4247LTI-M475 fan control

    hi   can I use p7[1] for fan tach ?   if can not use it. how to fix it.   thanks   james
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  • PSOC4 EZI2C Slave Holds the I2C bus issue

    I am using PSOC4 CY8C4041LQI for Capsense keypad application and it is communicating with Nordic Controller over I2C.   CY8C4041LQI is a I2C slave device and we have used EZI2C SCB for slave.   By Analyz...
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  • PSOC4 BOD for  Low Voltage Problem?

    hi Cypress:     when we use  CY8C4025 part  , we meet the hard issue to solve it;   Description: the normally voltage is 5V in  VDD, when we  turn off the power supply, the vo...
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  • PSOC4000S  in sync mode  can't use exter interrupter?

    hi   Cypress:      在使用PSOC 4000S 系列中无法用外部中断来检测按键, 按照设置sync mode 只有Transparent, 所以这个怎么用呢?? PCOC4200 中可以:设置如下:
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  • PSOC4000S not friendly of  PSOC Creator?

    hi   CYPRESS:    在用PSOC4000S系列的时候,可以从右边拉出ADC的组件,但是没有编译通过, 看起来IDE非常不友好,编译显示sensor of size is 1, 根本就不知道是什么意思; 通过查阅资料才知道PSOC4000S 是没有带ADC的, 这种的操作让人很费劲,为什么不是如果这个系列中没有这资源,右边的是组件是不能拖到左边呢?????
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  • Help passing variable from bootloader to bootloadable app on PSoC 4M

    I am looking for an example of passing a variable from the Bootloader component to the Bootloadable application on a PSoC 4200M. Even a single 16-bit value is sufficient.   Basically, I need a piece of uninitial...
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  • PSOC4000S Comparator issue?

    hi  Cypress:      if  the  PSoC 4 CSD Comparator  is belong to  Capsense , if we use capsense as button or slider, so we can't use it as  Comparator?? it will show th...
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  • Serial NVRAM

    Hi, I need to interface a PSoC4 to a Serial I2C EERAM 47C16 from Microchip.   In PSoC Creator the Serial NVRAM component can handle almost anything about the communication. However, I have a limitation with the ...
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  • Clock Stretch for I2C slave of PSoC4000S

    Hello,   Can the I2C slave component of PSoC4000S stretch SCL?   If it can not stretch SCL, is it possible to make stretch circuit with SmartIO and output pins?   Best regards, Yocchi
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  • RS485 receive interrupt using SCB UART mode

    Hello All,   I am working on PSOC4 CY8C4246AZI-445 Controller and implementing RS485 communication using SCB UART mode. I am trying to receive data from RS485 slave, I configured Uart in receive interrupt and I...
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  • MagSense Inductive-Sensing Metal over Touch for a curved surface.

    Have any examples been created that use a curved metal overlay over a curved inductive sensor? I’d like to modify a broom handle that can detect the presence of grip, regardless if the grip is wearing gloves or...
    created by GrCa_1363456
  • Using BLE pa_en on  CYBLE_214015 module

    Hi   I would like to used the BLE pa_en functionality on a CYBLE_214015 module to trigger an interrupt. Is there anyway to achieve this? (See attached project for my attempt)   Regards Pete
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  • Slider skips some values

    Sometimes the Capsense slider skips some values, so it is not possible to get every step in the resolution even with slow and gentle fingermovement. SNR seems good enough for resolution of 100. Is this only due to sl...
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  • Restarting CapSense_Start()

    Hello,   If the PSoC4000S for CapSense can not powered off, we would like to restart CapSense on a regular basis. If CapSens_Start() function is restarted, where should we insert it?   I think that this i...
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  • PSCO4 button issue:

          when i use pos4 to driver button , thre seting is below , the button just get the the zero, not get the one , i check the io ,it change from3.3 to 0v, i don;t understand wath the pin_re...
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  • Handling N/A register of programming CY8CMBR3108S

    About CY8CMBR3108S programming   CY8CMBR3108S have some N/A register. When we try to program from host using HEX file. We can see the value for all of register include N/A register in HEX file.   We will ...
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  • I ask you technical question about cy8c4248lqi-bl583

    Hi?   We are a provider of access control systems. We provide access control services using BLE beacons.   We are replacing the existing BLE chipset with your cy8c4248lqi-bl583 model.   I have some prob...
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  • Reset if the program is jumped to the unused flash area

    Hello,   We would like to reset if the program is jumped to the unused flash area. Do you have any good ideas about that?   Best regards, Yocchi
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