• PSOC 4100 SPI slave issue

    I have a SPI slave mode problem with interrupt mode. When I use polling communication is normal. I can receive SPI Master  frame and response slave frame data. But, I try interrupt mode. it Will be stuck in the...
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  • One shot with multi trigger with PWM block

    I am using the PSoc 4M -Series Prototyping Kit.  CY8CKIT-043   I am creating a solution which involves the generation of a waveform (GPIO output) that can be used to trigger older hardware light controllers...
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  • Configuration for PSoC4S Clock component

    Hello, I have three questions about PSoC4S Clock component. I am using for PWM. I tried three kind of configuration for Clock component. In this case, I set the HFCLK as trimmed with WCO.   1.if "Clock typ...
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  • Bluetooth programming of psoc 4 ble?

    Is it possible to program through bluetooth a psoc 4 ble, for example for tuning the capsense parameters without using the SWD connections but instead bluetooth?
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  • Recommendations to achieve I2C speeds with cost effective PSoC 4 components?

    I’ve found: - I2C FM+ mode is NOT supported in PSoC 4100S due to lack of OVT-GPIO pins. - I2C speed appears to be limited to 50KHz due to lack of PLLs - Using ISRs appears to have an affect on the maximum I2C...
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  • Red mask on the component in schematic

    Hi All   I am new to PSoC , why do I see this red mask on the component in my schematic ? I updated the component library version   Thanks in advance  
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  • SerialPlot: interface to real-time data charts

    Hi, This is announcement for new custom component for interfacing with real-time plotting software SerialPlot: SerialPlot: interface to real-time data charts   Regards, /odissey1
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  • Cypress USB HID Driver for windows 7 system

    Hi      We used PSOC 4 CY8C4246AZI-L445 USB controller. We use this controller for single USB output for keyboard and mouse data. But our customer windows 7 PC not connected to internet the keybo...
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  • PSoC 4100S Plus GPIO current

    Hi.   My customer use PSoC 4100S Plus (CY8C4147AZI-S455 or CY8C4127AZI-S455).   I understand , the maximum source current per GPIO pin should be less than or equal to 4mA and maximum sink current per GPIO ...
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  • Dual Role: Client and Server  Low Power

    Hi every one,,,, Recently I've been suggested from Cypress Help a Psoc4 Creator  design where my application can be both Client and Server at the same time (.....) The project seems to work quite fine, BUT:...
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  • CapSense_Csd_P4_Trackpad_Gestures with Capsense v7.0

    is there a reference for changing the Capsense Gesture component in the code example 'CapSense_Csd_P4_Trackpad_Gestures' to the component CapSense v7.0? Code changes? thank you
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  • How to use Bootloader for PSoC4 with CAN

    [Products] - CY8C4147AZI-S445 - CY8C4147AZI-S475   PSoC Creater's Bootloader for PSoC4 As far as I read the specification, it seems that the version upgrade of Main via Booter only supports UART, SPI and I2C...
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  • EFT protection in I2C lines

    Hi Team, we are working on EFT testing, we have seen your EFT document https://www.cypress.com/file/138636/download.   In the document, they have given protection for I2C lines by giving series resistance a...
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  • Regarding uc/Probe tool when running CY8CKIT-022.

    Hello Cypress.   I tried to run CY8CKIT-022 by using uc/Probe. However, the following error message is displayed and uc/Probe is forcibly closed. This issue was not solved after adding custom flags.   Co...
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  • Recommended scan rate by I2C Master

    Hi,   My micro-controller type is cy8c4014lqs-422. I would like to ask, what is recommended scan rate by I2C Master from buffer I2C Slave. I want read continuously only 4 bytes. How frequently CapSense buttons s...
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  • Elm-Chan FatFs

    Hi all,     Just wondering if anyone has had any success porting Elm-chan's FatFS SD card file system library (http://elm-chan.org/fsw/ff/00index_e.html) to a PSoC 4. This is my first attempt...
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  • Guard sensor connection

    In software how to enable guard sensor for CY8C4025AZI-S413.....I found shield pin in cydwr, but guard pin is not found. then how to assign a pin for guard sensor & how to access guard sensor..
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  • CE195313

    Dear support,   I need to use Em_EEPROM in my PSoC4 project to save some data in EEPROM.   I'm using "CE195313" code example for PSoC4 on the CY8CKIT-049-42xx. After compiled the example code, I debugged ...
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  • [PSOC 4000S] IMO best trimming performance?

    Hi guys, in my application I need to trim IMO with WCO. The MCU used is CY8C4024AZI-S413.   In Creator IDE (4.2), IMO accuracy steps down from +/-2% (without WCO) to +/-0.2% (with WCO).   The +/-0.2% is o...
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  • authorization clarification

    Hello all,   I would like to use authorization, so I call:   if (CYBLE_GATT_ERR_NONE != CyBle_GattsDbAuthorize(0)) {     DBG_ERR ; } else {     DBG_puts("NON autorizzato") ;...
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