• Specification of ECO stabilization time in PSoC3

    Hello, When using PSoC3 with external XTAL oscillation (MHzECO), is there any specification for a wait period until oscillation stabilization?   If there is a spec of wait period, if XTAL does not oscillate no...
    created by NaMo_1534561
  • USBUART can not receive data from HOST(PC)

    Like a Hyper Terminal terminal as COM test software on HOST.   Data receve from the USBUART is work well.(check with terminal software)   ・The sample code is as follows  if(CHP.TUACHON != CHP.TUACH_BK)...
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  • Precision frequency count with UDB counter

    Trying to capture a precise frequency count using an accurate hardware enable signal.  But the captured count is very unstable even with very accurate and stable inputs.  Is it possible to do this?
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  • CY3295-mtk SWD with CY8CKIT-059 PSoC® 5LP Prototyping Kit

    Hi, I have CY3295-mtk manufacturing kit and it has CY8C3866AXI-040 MCU on it. Manufacturing kit has SWD interface to program it's MCU. I have CY8CKIT-059 PSoC® 5LP Prototyping Kit and it has programmer and SWD pi...
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  • How to set DMA to transfer 36 bytes from a char DATA[36] array to 36 PWM registers?

    Sorry for the nub question, but i never use DMA before and want to receive the 36 bytes from DMX data stream.. I try to use UART interrupt for update PWM registers by that fast way   const unsigned int PWMA[40]=...
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  • CY3295-MTK Kit's Firmware

    Hi, I have CY3295-MTK Manufacturing kit. It has CY8C3866AXI-040 mcu. Somehow I have burned the mcu while working on testing a truetouch device. I can find the  CY8C3866AXI-040 mcu on market but I need it's firmwa...
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  • 基于CY8CKIT-033A开发的麦克风,苹果认证要求链接时弹出提示,怎么实现?

    Hi,      我们基于CY8CKIT-033A开发的麦克风,我们也开发了配套的APP。      提交给苹果认证时,要求连接iPhone手机时弹出提示“尚未安装应用”,类似于下图: 图一:   如果已经安装了相应APP,则连接iPhone手机时弹出类似如下提示: 图二: 【上面的截图,使用的是一...
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  • what is the max sourcing and sinking current on GPIO pins for CY8C3866AXI-040? I would also like to know the maximum voltage rating of GPIO pins.

    What is the max sourcing and sinking current on GPIO pins for CY8C3866AXI-040? I would also like to know the maximum voltage rating of GPIO pins. On the datasheet I found following with regards to VGPIO. Max VGPIO is...
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  • CY8C3446LTI-073是否支持MFI认证?

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  • What PSOCs have a TIA?

    I'm new to PSOC (well, I played with them 10 years ago).   My project requires a TIA (maybe 2).   I'm having trouble figuring out which PSOCs have a TIA block available.  I'm looking for the lowest c...
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    Hello everybody,     I implemented on Psoc3 a signal conditioning with a Modbus-RTU interface (it's works well since 1 year). The CRC is checked by software. I would like to upgrade this application an...
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  • Problem with USB HID General Data Transfer

    I want to use communication with USB HID. so, I tried "AN82072", almost work is fine. but, send data to PSoC from PC is the problem to me.   I made c# application to test data transfer between PC and PSoC. bu...
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  • PSOC has corrupted program memory

    I am currently shipping a product. When it goes out the door it seems to be function as expected. After about 2-3 months there have been about 15-20 of them that have come back that don't seem to function at all. I do...
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  • There was a problem communicating with the external program PSoC Programmer. Ensure that it is installed and operating properly. This may prevent the use of some communications devices.

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  • disable Global interrupt in debug mode

    How can I disable Global interrupt when I am debugging?  It used to work by clicking on the lighting bolt.  It is no longer working.  Does anyone have a clue?   Thanks for your help!
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  • CySoftwareReset() vs poweron/program

     Hi,     I'm calling CySoftwareReset() at the end of my program, so that it's ready to go again, but I've noticed it's not working for me on the 2nd time.     I noticed I had tied ...
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  • Interactive C-function's & C-API's via Terminal with mecrisp-stellaris

    Hello @ll,   If you want to configurate, debug and test your implementation interactive, you can do this with mecrisp-stellaris, an FORTH implementation for several Cypress PSOCs. As already published here, the F...
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  • We were unable to find the symbol ... There are several things that can hinder symbol lookup

    Often when I right-click a function name and select Go To Definition, it doesn't work.  I get this error: We were unable to find the symbol 'FunctionName. There are several things that can hinder symbol lookup:&...
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  • Methods of setting a MISO pin to be high impedance or ignored via SPI block

    I'll start off with what I'm trying to do: I have a MAX11200 ADC that I'm interfacing with via a SPI Master in full duplex mode (using a CY8C3866PVI-021) and am attempting to get readings from. The ADC has a !RDY/DOUT...
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  • We are unable to sense proximity

    We are using CYCMBR3116 for development of touch panel switch for home automation. CS0 is used for proximity trace and other other sensors are used for buttons. We have initialised register 0x00 and 0x01 with value ...
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