• Programming IC from within a test aplication

    I want to integrate the programming of the IC to be driven from my test application. Is there a driver I can integrate into the application to accomplish this?
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  • PSoC 3, I/O Configuration at Reset

    According to the "PSoC 3 and PSoC 5LP Hardware Design Considerations" document, section 4.2 "I/O Pins and Device Reset", "While reset is active, all I/O pins are in the high-impedance analog state." Does this include ...
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  • Trouble programming. Unable to read memory error.

    Hello, I have been working on a project for some time and have come across a curious issue. I have a project that has been coded, compiled and loaded successfully onto a custom board. Through troubleshooting this pro...
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  • How can I interact with Arduino Header?

    Hello, I have an IR camera that connects to GND, SCL, and SDA Arduino headers. I tried using my Arduino code but obviously, the code is different in Modus. How would I go about reading the information that comes off...
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  • Designing field upgradable psoc 3

    Hello,   I am upgrading my PSoC 3 device field-upgradable using SWD debug pin. I was using I2C communication protocol but showing error "can't use debug pin as I2C". I have gone through the I2C bootloader doc...
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  • VDDIOの電源を使用電源電圧投入すれば、レベル変換無しに使用出来るか、について

    ご担当者様   お世話になっております。 PSoC3につきまして、質問がございます。   型番名:CY8C3866AXI-039   【質問内容】----------------------------------------- VDDIOの電源を使用電源電圧投入すれば、レベル変換無しに使用出来るでしょうか?   IF:UART3hとUSB1ch USBは、コミニケーションクラ...
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  • I2C Slave Operation Only Sends The First Byte

    I am using the CCG3PA as a slave device. I am using the callback example provided and seem to only send one byte when the master polls. In this particular case, when the master polls, the slave should respond with 4 b...
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  • Dev Kit for PCoC3 + GraphicLCDIntf + 128x65 LCD

    Hello everyone - I am planning to use a PSoC 3 (CY8C3245LTI-163) with a NewHaven Display NHD-C12865AR-FSW-GBW for a new design. What is the best eval board / kit to use to get the LCD part working quickly? The kit ...
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  • MOVC A,@A+DPTR  using this in assembler produces opcode 93 but A value for offset appears in accumulator rather than the value pointed by the DPTR. I am using it to address eeprom at

    I am writing directly in assembler to get speed. Using MOVC A,@A+DPTR produces opcode 93 but the prior A  value (required for the offset) appears in the accumulator afterwards rather than the contents of the eepr...
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  • CY3295-MTK Kit's Firmware

    Hi, I have CY3295-MTK Manufacturing kit. It has CY8C3866AXI-040 mcu. Somehow I have burned the mcu while working on testing a truetouch device. I can find the  CY8C3866AXI-040 mcu on market but I need it's firmwa...
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  • Specification of ECO stabilization time in PSoC3

    Hello, When using PSoC3 with external XTAL oscillation (MHzECO), is there any specification for a wait period until oscillation stabilization?   If there is a spec of wait period, if XTAL does not oscillate no...
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  • USBUART can not receive data from HOST(PC)

    Like a Hyper Terminal terminal as COM test software on HOST.   Data receve from the USBUART is work well.(check with terminal software)   ・The sample code is as follows  if(CHP.TUACHON != CHP.TUACH_BK)...
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  • cy3295-mtk how to connect i2c truetouch device

    Hi, I have CY3295-MTK manufacturing test kit. I have CYTMA568-56LQI44BB TrueTouch Device. Simply I just want to tune my device with the manufacturing test kit. I have TrueTouch Host Emulator Software to do the tuning...
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  • Precision frequency count with UDB counter

    Trying to capture a precise frequency count using an accurate hardware enable signal.  But the captured count is very unstable even with very accurate and stable inputs.  Is it possible to do this?
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  • CY3295-mtk SWD with CY8CKIT-059 PSoC® 5LP Prototyping Kit

    Hi, I have CY3295-mtk manufacturing kit and it has CY8C3866AXI-040 MCU on it. Manufacturing kit has SWD interface to program it's MCU. I have CY8CKIT-059 PSoC® 5LP Prototyping Kit and it has programmer and SWD pi...
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  • How to set DMA to transfer 36 bytes from a char DATA[36] array to 36 PWM registers?

    Sorry for the nub question, but i never use DMA before and want to receive the 36 bytes from DMX data stream.. I try to use UART interrupt for update PWM registers by that fast way   const unsigned int PWMA[40]=...
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  • 基于CY8CKIT-033A开发的麦克风,苹果认证要求链接时弹出提示,怎么实现?

    Hi,      我们基于CY8CKIT-033A开发的麦克风,我们也开发了配套的APP。      提交给苹果认证时,要求连接iPhone手机时弹出提示“尚未安装应用”,类似于下图: 图一:   如果已经安装了相应APP,则连接iPhone手机时弹出类似如下提示: 图二: 【上面的截图,使用的是一...
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  • CY8C3446LTI-073是否支持MFI认证?

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  • What PSOCs have a TIA?

    I'm new to PSOC (well, I played with them 10 years ago).   My project requires a TIA (maybe 2).   I'm having trouble figuring out which PSOCs have a TIA block available.  I'm looking for the lowest c...
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    Hello everybody,     I implemented on Psoc3 a signal conditioning with a Modbus-RTU interface (it's works well since 1 year). The CRC is checked by software. I would like to upgrade this application an...
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