• Autocomplete is not working in ISR

    Autocomplete is not working in ISR   and   If ISR is written above main statement, autocompletion not work.
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  • GPIO logic thresholds

    PSoC 3 Pins component has a Vref option: This then requires an external Vref, which can be set to 0.256 V: But the datasheet doesn't seem to list the "Input voltage low threshold" for this configuration?  W...
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  • Current sinking capability of XRES in MiniProg3.

    Howdy. We have a design for the 48-pin PSoC 3 that requires GPIO functionality of the XRES pin with a strong pullup (~10mA) on the PCB. Can the MiniProg3 be used for initial reset-mode programming with this pullup in...
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  • Issues with CM programming and psoc's correct operation

    Has anyone run across a similar situation.  We have a part that is programmed by our cm, and then soldered onto the board.  We are seeing some of them fail, and can be fixed by reprogramming the code into th...
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  • Check for pending interrupts

     Hi,           I have some hardware processes the raises some interrupts. The software part must wait for all interrupts completed.  But I have no knowledge about the num...
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  • Problem with dev kit CY8CKIT-033A midi interface

    We're designing a new product based on CY8CKIT-033A. We use the midi interface to control an application running on iPhone device. After the last update to iOS13 midi interface doesn't work properly. The midi interfa...
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  • Connecting to PSoC3 to Microsoft IoTHub

    Hello,   Has anyone ported the IoT libraries to access the Microsft Azure platform on a PSoC-3 platform?   Thanks, Kris
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  • what is the max sourcing and sinking current on GPIO pins for CY8C3866AXI-040? I would also like to know the maximum voltage rating of GPIO pins.

    What is the max sourcing and sinking current on GPIO pins for CY8C3866AXI-040? I would also like to know the maximum voltage rating of GPIO pins. On the datasheet I found following with regards to VGPIO. Max VGPIO is...
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  • CY8CKIT-033A PSoC 3 MFI questions

    We are designing a new product based on CY8CKIT-033A PSoC 3 MFI architecture. Hereafter two questions:   1) On the Lightning Connectivity Board  there's a MFi C11A Lightning Connector (J307), where to buy...
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  • How to make PSOC 3 programmable in field without connecting the miniprog programmer.

    Hi all,     I want to make my PSOC 3 device programmable from the FPGA I2C line without any help of miniprog programmer.   If any other way to program my PSOC device will also be fine. Devie: CY8C32L...
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  • SWD USB vs. JTAG on CY8C32

    Hello,   I'm working on a custom board using a CY8C3245LTI-144 and wanted to know more about the progamming interfaces. The datasheet doesn't make it fully clear to me whether or not SWD is available on the USB ...
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  • 10 Pins SWD programming

    Hello all,   I am trying to program my psoc 3 device through SWD protocol but getting error.   With the help of 10 pins ,JTAG programming is working fine but with the same setup getting the below error. &#...
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  • PSoC 3.0

     Hi there !     Anaybody knows how to get  again PSoC 3.0 ?.  I think is about  the last Service pack version.      The rason for get again that verson is ...
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  • Tuneable Filter with PSOC ?

    Is it possible to build a tuneable filter with a PSOC ? How many different filters can you run simultanously on a PSOC device ? I would like to build an audio filter device where you can adjust the cutoff ...
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  • PSoC3 Graphic LCD (128 x 64)

    Can anyone help me get started with a PSoC3 (CY8C32345LTI-163) project using a graphic LCD (New Haven, ST7565R controller)? I don't see any examples in PSoC3, and I have tried creating from scratch and also cloning a...
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  • Programming IC from within a test aplication

    I want to integrate the programming of the IC to be driven from my test application. Is there a driver I can integrate into the application to accomplish this?
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  • PSoC 3, I/O Configuration at Reset

    According to the "PSoC 3 and PSoC 5LP Hardware Design Considerations" document, section 4.2 "I/O Pins and Device Reset", "While reset is active, all I/O pins are in the high-impedance analog state." Does this include ...
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  • Trouble programming. Unable to read memory error.

    Hello, I have been working on a project for some time and have come across a curious issue. I have a project that has been coded, compiled and loaded successfully onto a custom board. Through troubleshooting this pro...
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  • How can I interact with Arduino Header?

    Hello, I have an IR camera that connects to GND, SCL, and SDA Arduino headers. I tried using my Arduino code but obviously, the code is different in Modus. How would I go about reading the information that comes off...
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  • Designing field upgradable psoc 3

    Hello,   I am upgrading my PSoC 3 device field-upgradable using SWD debug pin. I was using I2C communication protocol but showing error "can't use debug pin as I2C". I have gone through the I2C bootloader doc...
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