• "Clean All Projects" deletes files it shouldn't

    When I click "Clean All Projects" it deletes .lib files in   \DP8051\DP8051_Keil_Generic \DP8051\DP8051_Keil_951\   that it would prefer to not be deleted (I have to restore them from git repo each time)...
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  • "Debugger exited unexpectedly during run. Encountered error (Remote communication error: No error.)"

    Can you improve this error message?  Every time I see it I get confused because it says "error: no error".        All it really means is that device protection is enabled and I forgot to...
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  • BSDL file for CY8C3866FNI-210/72WLCSP

    I'm lookinfg for a BSDL file for CY8C3866FNI-210/72WLCSP. Where can I download it?
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  • iAP2 recompile for PSOC creator 4.2

      iAP2 is full of incompatible components, and the downloadable components are also marked as incompatible. How can we recompile iAP2 to so that it would work on PSOC creator 4.2?     On the side note...
    created by JaSa_2833556
  • iAP2 component of CY8CKIT-033A

    Hi,   We have design products that use the CY8CKIT-033A development board. Now,we can not use Authentication Coprocessor 2.0C,but the iAP2 component do not support Authentication Coprocessor 3.0. So,is there a...
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  • CY8CKIT-033A MFI software example no longer availiable on mfi.avnet.com

    https://mfi.avnet.com is indicated on the quickstart guide but it no longer have the software to download.   Is there an updated site where I can get the software example?
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  • Bootloader Command not recognized

    I have a product developped on PSOC3 and PSOC Creator 3.3.  For some reason, I wanted to migrate the design on PSOC Creator 4.2.  The design works well in 4.2 but when it cames to use Host Bootloader 4.2 to ...
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  • Problem with dev kit CY8CKIT-033A midi interface

    We're designing a new product based on CY8CKIT-033A. We use the midi interface to control an application running on iPhone device. After the last update to iOS13 midi interface doesn't work properly. The midi interfa...
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  • How to reset the programmer to default settings.

    Hi Cypress,   While configuring the programmer to read/write PSoC, I accidentally misconfigured the clock speed of the programmer from 1.6Mz to 16Mz. Now I can't recognize any PSoC via the programmer, and the ...
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  • Two projects differ only by chip pinout

    Hi, I'm using PSOC Creator 4.2 with a PSoC 3 chip.  I have on PSoC design that is going on two boards with different form factors, so the PSoC 3 chip will require different pinouts on the two boards.  ...
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  • PSoC3 Chip : CY8C3866PVI-021, Using USBIO D+,D- for MiniProg3

    Application Scenario : 1.  CY8C3866PVI-021 assembled on PCB.  Secondary SWD Programming Pins USBIO D+, D- (P15[6], P15[7]) and Pin XRES (P1[2]) connected for SWD Programming. 2.  MiniProg3 Connected....
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  • Power consumption with CyPmSleep(PM_SLEEP_TIME_NONE, PM_SLEEP_SRC_PICU) unexpected high

    Hi,   We have an application on Cy8C3246 using following code snippet to enter sleep mode:   CyPmSaveClocks(); CyPmSleep(PM_SLEEP_TIME_NONE, PM_SLEEP_SRC_ONE_PPS); CyPmRestoreClocks();   During sle...
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  • PSOC3 will not stay in hibernate

    Hi, I am attempting to use a soft power switch configuration with our PSOC3 driven product and having an issue with hibernate mode, in that the cpu seems to come out ofCyPmHibernate() right after going into it  -...
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  • UART stops receiving after some time in half duplex but not in full duplex

    I have a custom board using the CY8C3666LTI-201 PSoC 3 device.  I have a UART that is configured as half duplex, 115200 bps, 8 bits, no parity, 1 stop bit, HW Tx enable, RX interrupt on FIFO not empty, no address...
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  • Start up procedure  with external XTAL on PSoC3

    Hello,   Enabling external XTAL on PSoC3 adds a loop that checks the xerr bit of the register (FASTCLK_XMHZ_CSR) in the ClockSetup() function of the boot procedure. This loop period is 130ms by default. ClockS...
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  • Untrimmed IMO frequency accuracy of PSoC3

    Hello,   Until the IMO setting is completed in ClockSetup(), the frequency of the IMO is not adjusted by Trim. The oscillation accuracy of IMO after Trim can be confirmed with the data sheet specifications (...
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  • PSoC3 Creator Compiler

    I am planning to use PSoC 3 in my new design. Had been using it three to four years back. Just wanted to know whether the Keil compiler is still freely provided along with PSoC creator without any limitation to have p...
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  • Autocomplete is not working in ISR

    Autocomplete is not working in ISR   and   If ISR is written above main statement, autocompletion not work.
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  • GPIO logic thresholds

    PSoC 3 Pins component has a Vref option: This then requires an external Vref, which can be set to 0.256 V: But the datasheet doesn't seem to list the "Input voltage low threshold" for this configuration?  W...
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  • Current sinking capability of XRES in MiniProg3.

    Howdy. We have a design for the 48-pin PSoC 3 that requires GPIO functionality of the XRES pin with a strong pullup (~10mA) on the PCB. Can the MiniProg3 be used for initial reset-mode programming with this pullup in...
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