• CY3295-MTK Kit's Firmware

    Hi, I have CY3295-MTK Manufacturing kit. It has CY8C3866AXI-040 mcu. Somehow I have burned the mcu while working on testing a truetouch device. I can find the  CY8C3866AXI-040 mcu on market but I need it's firmwa...
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  • USBUART can not receive data from HOST(PC)

    Like a Hyper Terminal terminal as COM test software on HOST.   Data receve from the USBUART is work well.(check with terminal software)   ・The sample code is as follows  if(CHP.TUACHON != CHP.TUACH_BK)...
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  • MOVC A,@A+DPTR  using this in assembler produces opcode 93 but A value for offset appears in accumulator rather than the value pointed by the DPTR. I am using it to address eeprom at

    I am writing directly in assembler to get speed. Using MOVC A,@A+DPTR produces opcode 93 but the prior A  value (required for the offset) appears in the accumulator afterwards rather than the contents of the eepr...
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  • cy3295-mtk how to connect i2c truetouch device

    Hi, I have CY3295-MTK manufacturing test kit. I have CYTMA568-56LQI44BB TrueTouch Device. Simply I just want to tune my device with the manufacturing test kit. I have TrueTouch Host Emulator Software to do the tuning...
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  • CY3295-mtk SWD with CY8CKIT-059 PSoC® 5LP Prototyping Kit

    Hi, I have CY3295-mtk manufacturing kit and it has CY8C3866AXI-040 MCU on it. Manufacturing kit has SWD interface to program it's MCU. I have CY8CKIT-059 PSoC® 5LP Prototyping Kit and it has programmer and SWD pi...
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  • Interactive C-function's & C-API's via Terminal with mecrisp-stellaris

    Hello @ll,   If you want to configurate, debug and test your implementation interactive, you can do this with mecrisp-stellaris, an FORTH implementation for several Cypress PSOCs. As already published here, the F...
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  • We are unable to sense proximity

    We are using CYCMBR3116 for development of touch panel switch for home automation. CS0 is used for proximity trace and other other sensors are used for buttons. We have initialised register 0x00 and 0x01 with value ...
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  • VCC voltage issue in CYCMBR3116

    we are using cypress MBR3 IC in touch panel for home automation. we are facing issue in VCC voltage, measured VCC voltage is 2.1V instead of 1.8V, connected CMOD = 2.2nf and Decoupling capacitor is 0.1uF. and how c...
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  • Issues with CM programming and psoc's correct operation

    Has anyone run across a similar situation.  We have a part that is programmed by our cm, and then soldered onto the board.  We are seeing some of them fail, and can be fixed by reprogramming the code into th...
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  • Timer, configuration / API problem for pulse to pulse time of quadrature signal.

    Hi, I'm a novice PSoC 3, PSoC Creator user & C programmer (a 'gear head', electronics guy, as it were) and am having trouble configuring a Timer component to do what I believe is one of the functions for which it'...
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  • I am getting following warning after building my project " L46: SFR SYMBOL HAS DIFFERENT VALUES SYMBOL: p .\DP8051\DP8051_Keil_951\Debug\main.obj (MAIN) "

    " L46: SFR SYMBOL HAS DIFFERENT VALUES SYMBOL: p .\DP8051\DP8051_Keil_951\Debug\main.obj (MAIN) "   CODE main.c #include "project.h" #include "FPU.h" #include "FPU_I2C.h"   uint8 EZI2C_Buffer[EZI2C_BUF...
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  • How to blink LED 1 and LED 2 on the CY8CKIT-030 PSoC 3 board

    Hello, I am new to the cypress. I am using cypress creator. I am successfully blink LED 3 using p6[2] pin and LED 4 using p6[3] pin on psoc 3 kit. Now i am trying to blink led 1 and led 2 but i dont get a pin configu...
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  • Lost EEPROM settings

    Has anyone ever seen data that was previously written to the EEPROM disappear? I'm seeing an issue on about 10% of our devices using the CY8C5668AXI-LP010 PSoC have randomly lost settings the next time they are powere...
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  • Is there any possibility for HID devices plug and play without need of calibration on windows driver using CY8C3866LTI-068 ? OR i need to add some hardware to avoid calibration?

    Is there any possibility for HID devices plug and play without need of calibration on windows driver using CY8C3866LTI-068 ? OR i need to add some hardware to avoid calibration?
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  • How to improve parasitic capacitance for CY8CMBR3116

    I am using the CY8CMBR3116 in a design. The farthest three buttons are being automatically turned off due to high parasitic capacitance. Their values are as follows:   CS1     DEBUG_CP: 46 C...
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  • EZI2C_SetBuffer1 and EZI2C_SetAddress1 must be called after EZI2C_Start?

    Hi,   I set up a PSoC 3 with an EZI2C module following the various examples available.  I was able to read from it right away, but was unable to write to it, no matter what settings I changed on PSoC or th...
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  • Project no longer compile after update Psoc Creator version 3.3 to 4.2

    Hi, I had a project compiled via Psoc Creator 3.3 . I install Psoc Creator 4.2 then the project doesn't compile and ı got the error below   API Generation... Dependency Generation... Cleanup... ERROR: Fai...
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  • How to add Libraries to PSOC3

    Hi,   May I know how to add those libraries to PSOC3? Library at attachement.   Previously the project is done using Arduino  without issue. For new project customer would like to use PSOC3.   I...
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  • CAN BUS example project

    Hi,              i am working on project based on the cN bus .In my projects i am using  three nodes . NODE1 has to receive the data from NODE 2 AND NODE 3....
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  • Anybody know why PSoC creator cannot connect to a device, while PSoc programmer has no problem?

    HI All   After yesterdays problems I retried my board design again, with a different result! (so much for Einstein :-) ).   So with PSoC Programmer using Mini Prog3 rev B the device can be foun...
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