• Autocomplete is not working in ISR

    Autocomplete is not working in ISR   and   If ISR is written above main statement, autocompletion not work.
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  • GPIO logic thresholds

    PSoC 3 Pins component has a Vref option: This then requires an external Vref, which can be set to 0.256 V: But the datasheet doesn't seem to list the "Input voltage low threshold" for this configuration?  W...
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  • Problem with dev kit CY8CKIT-033A midi interface

    We're designing a new product based on CY8CKIT-033A. We use the midi interface to control an application running on iPhone device. After the last update to iOS13 midi interface doesn't work properly. The midi interfa...
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  • CY8CKIT-033A PSoC 3 MFI questions

    We are designing a new product based on CY8CKIT-033A PSoC 3 MFI architecture. Hereafter two questions:   1) On the Lightning Connectivity Board  there's a MFi C11A Lightning Connector (J307), where to buy...
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  • 10 Pins SWD programming

    Hello all,   I am trying to program my psoc 3 device through SWD protocol but getting error.   With the help of 10 pins ,JTAG programming is working fine but with the same setup getting the below error. &#...
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  • Dev Kit for PCoC3 + GraphicLCDIntf + 128x65 LCD

    Hello everyone - I am planning to use a PSoC 3 (CY8C3245LTI-163) with a NewHaven Display NHD-C12865AR-FSW-GBW for a new design. What is the best eval board / kit to use to get the LCD part working quickly? The kit ...
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  • MOVC A,@A+DPTR  using this in assembler produces opcode 93 but A value for offset appears in accumulator rather than the value pointed by the DPTR. I am using it to address eeprom at

    I am writing directly in assembler to get speed. Using MOVC A,@A+DPTR produces opcode 93 but the prior A  value (required for the offset) appears in the accumulator afterwards rather than the contents of the eepr...
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  • CY3295-MTK Kit's Firmware

    Hi, I have CY3295-MTK Manufacturing kit. It has CY8C3866AXI-040 mcu. Somehow I have burned the mcu while working on testing a truetouch device. I can find the  CY8C3866AXI-040 mcu on market but I need it's firmwa...
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  • cy3295-mtk how to connect i2c truetouch device

    Hi, I have CY3295-MTK manufacturing test kit. I have CYTMA568-56LQI44BB TrueTouch Device. Simply I just want to tune my device with the manufacturing test kit. I have TrueTouch Host Emulator Software to do the tuning...
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  • CY3295-mtk SWD with CY8CKIT-059 PSoC® 5LP Prototyping Kit

    Hi, I have CY3295-mtk manufacturing kit and it has CY8C3866AXI-040 MCU on it. Manufacturing kit has SWD interface to program it's MCU. I have CY8CKIT-059 PSoC® 5LP Prototyping Kit and it has programmer and SWD pi...
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  • What PSOCs have a TIA?

    I'm new to PSOC (well, I played with them 10 years ago).   My project requires a TIA (maybe 2).   I'm having trouble figuring out which PSOCs have a TIA block available.  I'm looking for the lowest c...
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  • Interactive C-function's & C-API's via Terminal with mecrisp-stellaris

    Hello @ll,   If you want to configurate, debug and test your implementation interactive, you can do this with mecrisp-stellaris, an FORTH implementation for several Cypress PSOCs. As already published here, the F...
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  • VCC voltage issue in CYCMBR3116

    we are using cypress MBR3 IC in touch panel for home automation. we are facing issue in VCC voltage, measured VCC voltage is 2.1V instead of 1.8V, connected CMOD = 2.2nf and Decoupling capacitor is 0.1uF. and how c...
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  • USB and SleepTimer

    Hi, in a battery powered PSoC3 design I use the USB Full Speed component. This in turn requires that I set the ILO timer to 100kHz. Even though the reason for this is not 100% clear to me, another forum post sheds s...
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  • Timer, configuration / API problem for pulse to pulse time of quadrature signal.

    Hi, I'm a novice PSoC 3, PSoC Creator user & C programmer (a 'gear head', electronics guy, as it were) and am having trouble configuring a Timer component to do what I believe is one of the functions for which it'...
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  • I am getting following warning after building my project " L46: SFR SYMBOL HAS DIFFERENT VALUES SYMBOL: p .\DP8051\DP8051_Keil_951\Debug\main.obj (MAIN) "

    " L46: SFR SYMBOL HAS DIFFERENT VALUES SYMBOL: p .\DP8051\DP8051_Keil_951\Debug\main.obj (MAIN) "   CODE main.c #include "project.h" #include "FPU.h" #include "FPU_I2C.h"   uint8 EZI2C_Buffer[EZI2C_BUF...
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  • Bootloader / USBUART

    Can USBUART be the bootloader communication interface ?
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  • Chip choice in PSoC3

    Currently I'm developing an embedded system using the CY8CKIT-030, which uses the CY8C3866 chip. I'm wondering is there an easy way to determine what is the smallest PSoC3 chip this will work with when complete. A $6-...
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  • How to blink LED 1 and LED 2 on the CY8CKIT-030 PSoC 3 board

    Hello, I am new to the cypress. I am using cypress creator. I am successfully blink LED 3 using p6[2] pin and LED 4 using p6[3] pin on psoc 3 kit. Now i am trying to blink led 1 and led 2 but i dont get a pin configu...
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  • Has anyone built a SDR (Software Defined Radio) from a PSOC 3 ?

    I have any idea to build a radio from a PSOC 3 kit that I have. It would receive the time signal from WWVB that is transmitted on 60 KHz. Has any user tried to build a radio using the PSOC 3 ?   I have the CY8CK...
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