• Support for SAE J2497 standard in PLC tranceiver

    Hi,   Does cypress has a PLC solution that supports SAE J2497 standard to communicate over power line with the different ECUs available in current truck/trailer market?
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  • CY8CLED01D01-56 LTXI Technical problems to solve!

    We have been in use CY8CLED01D01-56 LTXI the material D/C 2017/2018, but the material has been discontinued, now we use the last batch of 260 PCS is 2010 batches, but the discovery after computer output is not normal,...
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  • Help with

    Hi everyone, I tried to build my project with an CYC8CPLC20 in PSoC Designer 5.4. But i  have problems with two files that i don't have in my project. 1) mkdepend.exe: error:  cannot open "mkdep" make: *...
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  • Confusion about Reading/Writing to PSoC using CY3214-PSoCEvalUSB PSoC CapSensePLUS with CY3217-MiniProg1

    I have a CY8C24794-24LFXI chip that I plan on reading and writing a program to, and it's not clear to me on how to accomplish that based on what seen from the Cypress product line/   As I understand it, the CY32...
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  • what does the su'u'ro'n'ge'd this diagram  mean?

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  • DAC9 Specification

    I have a question about PSoC1 Setting.  If I choose SC ON/ Ref Low on Global Resources and DAC9_FULLPOWER on DAC9_start, Which power spec(Low/Med/High Power) is correct about "fclock Analog Column Clock" a...
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  • CY8CKIT-043 & PSoC1 Programming

    Have I gone and got the wrong kit? Need to program a hex to CY8C24423A-24PXI Thought this kit would be backward compatible with PSoC1, is it?   Is there any way I can program the chip? Even with ICSP?   ...
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  • Create some USB HID under PSoC 1 CY8C24894

    Dear Mdm/Sir, I was intending to Configure CY8C24894 as some generic data transfer between PC & this chip. I try to configure USBFS as some HID device, with input/output report of 8 bytes each. The generated rep...
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  • Psoc Designer Installation Issue

    HI,   Recently I have purchased New Laptop with Windows 10 Configuration. When i was traying to install Psoc Designer i got attached Error.   Can Anyone help me to solve this problem???
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  • Adobe SVG viewer not available and PD 5.4 SP1 won't work

    I just installed PD 5.4 SP1 on Win10.  The installer for Adobe SVG failed.  Ok, I googled and found the following posts: Install PSoC Designer 5.4 fail - svg viewer PSoC1 support?   These point bac...
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  • uart

    using a CY8C28413-24   I have 1 uart added Want to make P1.5 RX pin, P1.7 TX pin. Designer version 5.4 does not want to make this connection..so why not?   Ken
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  • How do I have both an EZI2C Slave and a standard I2C block?

    I have a Standard I2C Slave block functioning, but need to add Capsense and Capsense Tuner. Tuner requires an EZI2C Block, but I get a placement error when trying to compile. I really do not want to rewrite my functi...
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  • Component "TVS" on MiniProg3 unit burned out on second day of use. What could it be?

    Using MiniProg 3 to program PSOC1. Component "TVS" on MiniProg3 unit burned out on second day of use. Looking to find possible reason this would have happened. Can the orientation (putting the programmer pins on backw...
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  • Need help on AN50475 , induction cooker design to get PSOC1 based design insight

    In fact this design is absolute,but i want to work on it so that get some insight to analog input sensing and PWM and controlling IGBT and capsense.and where can i get the Bill of material of it(of its correct specifi...
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  • How do I configure GPIO mode in C?

    I am using the CY8C20234 CPU. Previously, I used assembly language to set Port 1 to STRONG with voltage to 2.4 VDC. The initial value was set in the PSOC Designer Pinout menu to 1.   or   F,  ...
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  • cy8c20234 timer interrupt does not work in C

    On the cy8c20234 cpu, I have created two projects on PSOC Designer 5.4, one in Assembly, the other in C. I can get the internal timer interrupt to work correctly in assembly, but it does not seem to work in C. This CP...
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  • is csa only embeded into Cy8C20x34?

    Hi,everyone.      CapSense can be CSA or CSD. From Datasheet, I found many cypress SOCs has the Capsense with CSD in it.      Then which SOC was embeded witch CSA?  ...
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  • questions about CY3280-BK1

    Hi,everyone.      I have some questions about Cy3280-BK1,which contains CY3280-20x34 and CY3280-21x34 Universal CapSense Controller boards.      Now I use bridge control panel...
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  • PSoC1 USB D+  pullup

    I'm using the CY8C24894-24LTXI on a board mainly as a simple USB interface to the outside world (which can be both windows or embedded hosts). The PSoC1 is always a device. I recently have enumeration problems that po...
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  • CY8CPLC10 application in truck power-supply system

    I am developing a control unit that will be installed on a truck trailer. For the connection of this unit with the unit on the truck, I plan to use the PLC modem.  I plan to use CY8CPLC10. How long do you plan to...
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