• Can I use miniprog4 to program psoc1?

    Hi   I bought a miniprog4 to program a CY8C27743A which I believe is a PSOC 1 device. According to this table from the Cypress website it should be possible.   PSoC Programmer Most PSoC 6 devices*  PSo...
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  • power fail interrupt and low voltage detection in CY8C28452-24PVXI

    I want save data in EEPROM using power fail detection or low voltage detection . Help me with example code for CY8C28452-24PVXI .
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  • What is the default I2C address for the CY8C24894-24LTXIT

    How do I find the default I2C address of the CY8C24894-24LTXIT?   Also, can this device be programmed through I2C?   Thanks, Dave
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  • retro-Psoc Designer 5.0 error message on Generate and build...

    lib/adc.asm  process_begin: CreateProcess((null), cpsoc.exe --msgdisable=845:off --asmlist --errformat --chip=CY8C29466 --WARN=0 --OPT=asm,9 -C -q -I./lib -IC:/PROGRA~2/Cypress/Common/CypressSemiBuildMgr/tools/in...
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  • CY3250-29XXX-POD

    I have failed the pods for cyc29xxx (CY3250-29XXX-POD) how can I buy it? Roberto
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  • Adobe SVG viewer not available and PD 5.4 SP1 won't work

    I just installed PD 5.4 SP1 on Win10.  The installer for Adobe SVG failed.  Ok, I googled and found the following posts: Install PSoC Designer 5.4 fail - svg viewer PSoC1 support?   These point bac...
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  • CY8C29866 Flash corruption

    Hi   I'm wondering if any else is finding a problem with the CY8C29866 flash. We are using it as a control processor on card, that is used to monitors a larger system. Intermittently, we find the internal fla...
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  • cy8c9560a Command Register (30h) writing not working

    Hello Cypress team,   We have to store port configuration to EEPROM of cy8c9560a   We have modified all port register and that configuration we are wiring to EEPROM by command register   i have tried...
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  • PSoC 1 强电界实验

    Hi   PSoC1 (CY8C21534)做触摸按键,在做强电界实验时有误触发问题,强电界实验条件是在暗室里有一个电磁干扰,10V/m,干扰源与产品距离2-3m,频率在80MHz-1GHz之间。在800-900MHZ的时候按键有误触发。如下是按键门限设置 CSD_baBtnFThreshold[0] = 95;  //120-->95 CSD_baBtnFThreshold[1] = 95;&...
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  • Sleep while SC operates?

    Hi, I want to put M8C into sleep while switch-cap blocks operate, but can't get desired waveform. AN47310 says "As the column clock is either VC1 or VC2 ... SC blocks are not functional during sleep", so I used 32k c...
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  • CY8C9520A INT not deactivated after reading Interrupt Status Port Register

    I configured the device to read and write pins on ports 0 and 1. Reading and writing pins works as expected. The interrupt mask for port 1 is set with 0 for pin 0 to enable Interrupt on port 1 pin 0. This pin is set ...
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  • cy8c9560a I2C address conflict

    Hello Cypress team,   we have connected four cy8c9560a io expander with i2c 7 bit address of 0x20,0x21,0x22 and 0x23 respectively   But ICs are responding with only address 0x20 and 0x21. currently two ICs...
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  • AN499433 adaptation problem

    I'm trying to adapt AN499433 to a CY8C24794 controller.  When I generate and compile, I get the follow errors:     !E <library>(652): {linker} multiple define: 'USBUART_CurrentTD' ...
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  • Whats is current replacement for MiniProg1?

    I have been using the MiniProg1 to burn CY7C63803 chip thru the ISP interface. It seems the MiniProg1 is no longer available at Cypress Store. Whats is the current MiniProg available to program the CY7C63803 thru ISP...
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  • About pins14 to 16 of CY8CMBR3108

    --- Inquiry background --- CY8CMBR3108 does not have a reset terminal. For example, I want to turn off the power when malfunctioning due to noise. At this time, I want to turn off the power after dropping pins 14 t...
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  • did  burn The Same HEX file to  several CY8C24123A-24SXI, but the behavior is different.

    Sorry for the non detailed questions. and I'm sorry for my bad English.   i did buru same hex file to several CY8C24123A, but can't same behavior. hardware and power line is stable.(checked with oscilloscope...
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  • Problems using UART and external 32.768kHz crystal in CY8C29466-24PVXI

    I've been using the 8-bit UART in a design for some time. I've recently changed from the internal 24M clock to using external 32.768kHz cystal and the PLL to generate a 23.986MHz internal clock. Now the UART does not ...
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  • UART7 or RX7

    I have been using the UART8 module to send and receive standard 8 bit wide serial communication on the CY8C29466-24PXI. Now I need to receive 7 bit wide serial communication. Is there any way to reconfigure the stand...
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  • LPF2 minimum sampling frequency

    Estimated Cypress community and technical staff. I would like to ask you what's the minimum sampling frequency (analog clock frequency) admited by LPF2 low pass filters. I'm currently working on low frequency applicat...
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  • Powerline Carrier Communication for Audio Signals

    Hello Team Members,   I am new to Cypress devices as well as community.   Currently i am searching on the PLCC solution over AC line @ 230V which we normally have at our home.   I want to transmit Au...
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