• UART HMI Interface

    Dear cypress team,   I am developing application in CHIP CY8C22545-24AXI and using UART communication to exchange data between cypress and TeraTerm on PC which is working fine. Now I would like to interface Ne...
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  • Regarding with PCN190302, which PCN means change Bonding wire from Au to Cu, CG7788AA is affected parts.

    Regarding with PCN190302, which PCN means change Bonding wire from Au to Cu, CG7788AA is affected parts. is it true that CG7788AA becomes Cu wire because CG7788AA is special part for limited only Au wire.   Ple...
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  • PSoC1 CY8C20xx6 How does one read multi-block flash data (const data) for SPI?

    I am working with PSoC Designer 5.4 (Windows7) on the CY8C20x66A. I have some large (~4k) image data which I store into ROM/Flash by coding them in a header file as const unsigned char Image_X[4000] = { 0xFF, <......
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  • CY8C21512-24PVXA:CapSense pin mode

    Please answer below. The same question is written in English and Japanese.   ・English There is a CapSense pin ①②. If CapSense pin① is sensing, is CapSense pin② GND? Or is it Analog Hi-Z?     ・Japa...
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  • seven segment and capsense in one controller

          I am using seven segment multiplexer(8 digits )and capsense at cy8c21434 controller.   I cant  use 7 segment user module. because  not able to provide separate port p...
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  • how to enable USB_EP2_ISR fun

    how CY7C63813 enable  USB_EP2_ISR, My USB device is HID,use Endpoint 1 to IN and Endpoint 2 to Out,  bmAttributes is 3(USB_ENDPOINT_TYPE_INTERRUPT) but when PC send data to cy7c,it can not triger USB_EP2_I...
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  • Frequency divider

    Which PSOC eval kit will I need to create a divide by up to 8,333
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  • LPF2 minimum sampling frequency

    Estimated Cypress community and technical staff. I would like to ask you what's the minimum sampling frequency (analog clock frequency) admited by LPF2 low pass filters. I'm currently working on low frequency applicat...
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  • Can BootLdrI2C configured as a slave deal with reads from sub-addresses? When I try this the PSoc interprets the read as a write?

    Using CY8C29466 and the BootLdrI2C module. The PSoc is used as a slave addressed by a Linux SBC acting as Master.   When I try and read from a register in the PSoC, using a sub-address, (e.g. linux command i2cg...
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  • Generate/Build Project Error

    Hello, I have been using PSoC Designer 5.4 for a while now and I have ran into a new problem that I have not seen before. When I Generate/Build a Project (Pressing F6) PSoC Designer gives me the following;   S...
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  • Regarding MBR touch controller button size and more

    Hi,   Greetings!   We are leaving manufacturers of process automation equipment in India.   Recently we have started working on CY8CMBR3108 MBR touch controller. We had few successful trials with th...
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  • SMBusSlave issues with TIMER16

    I need to add two TIMER16 units in a solution that already includes, among other things, one SMBusSlave block and when I try to  Generate/Build the project I got the following error:   LMM info: area 'UART_R...
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  • How Do I interact with the Arudino Headers?

    Hello, I have an IR camera that connects to GND, SCL, and SDA Arduino headers. I tried using my Arduino code but obviously, the code is different in Modus. How would I go about reading the information that comes off...
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  • CY8C9520a and AM335x TI i2c problem.

    Hi, we have chosen the CY8C9520a GPIO expander for a project. But unfortunately, we have problems with I2C. We have strong pull up in A0 pin, so according to the datasheet, the multiport address is 0x42 (01000010). &#...
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  • cy8c29566 checksum problem

    I am working a system, it haves a cy8c29566 inside. I have changed this IC and want to programming it ISP with ELNEC programmer. Can you help me checksum calculation for this file please? I have attached the file....
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  • Do CY8CKIT-059 and CY8CKIT-002 support online burning of CY9BF122KQN-G-AVE2 QFN-48 CYPRESS

    Do CY8CKIT-059 and CY8CKIT-002 support online burning of CY9BF122KQN-G-AVE2 QFN-48 CYPRESS
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  • Support for SAE J2497 standard in PLC tranceiver

    Hi,   Does cypress has a PLC solution that supports SAE J2497 standard to communicate over power line with the different ECUs available in current truck/trailer market?
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  • CY8CLED01D01-56 LTXI Technical problems to solve!

    We have been in use CY8CLED01D01-56 LTXI the material D/C 2017/2018, but the material has been discontinued, now we use the last batch of 260 PCS is 2010 batches, but the discovery after computer output is not normal,...
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  • Help with

    Hi everyone, I tried to build my project with an CYC8CPLC20 in PSoC Designer 5.4. But i  have problems with two files that i don't have in my project. 1) mkdepend.exe: error:  cannot open "mkdep" make: *...
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  • Confusion about Reading/Writing to PSoC using CY3214-PSoCEvalUSB PSoC CapSensePLUS with CY3217-MiniProg1

    I have a CY8C24794-24LFXI chip that I plan on reading and writing a program to, and it's not clear to me on how to accomplish that based on what seen from the Cypress product line/   As I understand it, the CY32...
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