• VOCODER Application Using SPEEX CODEC

    Where can I download the sample source for this application note ? http://www.cypress.com/documentation/application-notes/an204433-fm3-microcontroller-vocoder-application-using-speex-code…
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  • PZR setting for I2C

    I think PZR needs to be set 1(open drain) when I uses I2C. But, I2C poling example in PDL 2.0.2 seems not to set PZR.     How is PZR set correctly?
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  • MCU does not start

    I'm using the FM3 MCU MB9BF516N for several PCBs. I have now some PCBs not working. It seems that the MCU does not start, because I also get no connection with the Debugger using SWD. What could be the reason? In...
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  • Pin & Code Config Wizard

    Hi, I see on FM3 32-bit family a reference to wizard pin & code configurator but no FM3 chip is supported.     Could You send me correct link/version?     Thanks
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  • Do you have an idea how this PN MB9BF122MPMC-G-JNE2 is packaging and ship out? Are they shipped in trays of 119 and each tray has its own lid?

    Do you have an idea how this PN MB9BF122MPMC-G-JNE2 is packaging and ship out? Are they shipped in trays of 119 and each tray has its own lid?   Per customer's warehouse: We received a package of 595pcs and n...
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  • Need help to identify a suitable evaluation board for my application

    I am trying to locate an evaluation board suitable for my application which comprises of: Two control knobs, LCD, temperature sensor, two heating elements and two motors. Can someone please help me?
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  • Would it be possible to get the source code for your FLASH MCU Programmer application?

    We are using the MB9BFD18T FM3 microcontroller in our application for which we have started production. (We recently ordered 1,000 OFF from Arrow.) To program the PCBs in production we are using the FLASH MCU Program...
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  • Error reconstruction (AN204470 HFI low speed)

    Hello, friends! Where is the error reconstruction flow chart (AN204470 HFI low speed)?
  • MB9BF318にUnique IDレジスタはありますか?

    表題のとおりの質問です。   AN202487によるとFM3のType2デバイスはUnique IDをサポートしないようなのですが、 ペリフェラルマニュアルにはどこにもそのような表記がありません。 このシリーズはUnique IDをサポートしていますか?   -- Shimamura
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  • Where is UART Flash Loader?

    Where is UART Flash Loader described in AN205236 - FM3 CY9B500 Microcontroller with UART Flash Loader Demonstration System? http://www.cypress.com/documentation/application-notes/an205236-fm3-cy9b500-microcontroller-...
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  • MB9BF416R reference manual

    Hi,   I’m an embedded firmware engineer. I plan to use your MB9BF416R chip for our application development. Can you please give me a reference Manual of that chip which can provide complete information o...
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  • I2C set stop condition after read does not work

    Hello, I am reading values via I2C from an RTC (RX8010SJ) in Master mode.   This works so far, but the I2C Stop Condition is not set. Subsequent I2cStart then returns error -2 (Timeout). I am using the command...
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  • FLASH MCU Programmerの対応OSについて

    FLASH MCU ProgrammerはWindows10に対応しておりますでしょうか?  「June 30, 2015, MN709-00026-2v0-E」のドキュメントには下図のようにWindows10の記載はありませんでしたが、今現在でも対応はしていないのでしょうか? 対応していない場合、今後の対応予定・スケジュールなど御座いますでしょうか?     どうか宜しくお願い致します。
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  • How to write a new program to turn on/off LEDs

    Hi All. I'm a new member. I'd like to ask how to write a simple project. Example : to turn on/off Leds. Thank for your support.
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  • FM3 内蔵FlashROMのリザーブ領域への書き込みについて

    以下DeviceのFlashROMのリザーブ領域に、 書き込み装置で、0xFFを書き込みしております。 マイコンの動作に問題は無いでしょうか。 ※リザーブ領域は添付ファイルの赤矢印の部分となります。   Device:MB9BF121LPMC1      
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  • How does PDL 2.0.2 conform to MISRA-C?

    Now, the customer thinks his project will conform to MISRA-C. But, PDL have many errors to conform.(rule 2.2, 19.10, 16.3, and others)   Also, bt.c have a comment, "Workaround for MISRA-C 2004 rule 12.7". PDL wi...
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  • About the files in the template project

    FMシリーズのテンプレートプロジェクトに入っているファイルに関して教えてください。 mb9afaaxn_template-v12.zipを展開すると下記のファイルが生成されます。   +-common-+-base_types.h   |        +-mb9aaa0n.h   |   &#...
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  • Some problem using MB9BF121K to drive a PMSM

    hello, I porting the firmware on http://www.cypress.com/applications/home-appliances/inverter-fan-motor  to MB9BF121K, but motor can not startup. my questions:      1. can this FW used on MB...
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  • Design an offline programmer for MB9AF116N

    Hi,I want to design an offline programmer for MB9AF116N.   Write the HEX file to Flash using the SWD protocol. Like Jlink,   does anyone know the programming principle of Jlink?   thks
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  • Overshoot and Undershoot Specification for MB9BF116R

    Please tell Overshoot and Undershoot Specification for MB9BF116R.   Especially, about the below pins -Address Pin -Data Pin -GPIO Pin   Best Regards, Inoue
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