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ModusToolbox Bluetooth SDK
Dear Sirs, I am not able to compile my current project (TARGET:CYBT-413055-EVAL) anymore - no idea why. When building the following message occurs: /b... Show More
PSoC General
I'm working on a project in Modus Toolbox where we generate a firmware (CY8C4146AZS-S265) and flash the device under Linux using a MiniProg4, and this... Show More
PSoC 5, 3 & 1 MCU
dear all,       I am into writing a PSoC 3 based program wherein I have to control the period of a wave form using data obtained from UART. I have cre... Show More
ModusToolbox General
Hello Team, We are working on  CYBT-413055-02 MOD board which uses CYW20719 (QFN-40) SOC which is coin cell driven application, This module is going t... Show More
WICED Studio Bluetooth
The 'default_ble_power_level' for the CYW20719 is set to +12. The config file references a 'lm_TxPwrTable' for the power ranges. I am unable to find t... Show More
Hi, In a PsoC4 project attached below we demonstrate a PWM compare register write bug. It appears like if reg is written by the CPU at the same time a... Show More
PSoC Creator & Designer Software
Hi all. I have a project with BLE v3.66 component built in and I would like to update it to v4.2. I used automatic update component and the .cysch fil... Show More
ModusToolbox General
Hello, In case of PSoC6, we can create a custom BSP in two ways. https://community.cypress.com/t5/Knowledge-Base-Articles/Creating-Custom-BSPs-in-ModusToolbox-KBA230822/ta-p/251741... Show More

Could  you tell me the recommended land pattern for CY62137EV30LL-45ZSXI ?


ModusToolbox AnyCloud SDK
Hi,  I am using AnyCloud Mqtt Client with CY8CKIT-062S2-43012.And trying to add https client to the project (I need to get some data before connect to... Show More

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