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PSoC 5, 3 & 1 MCU
[I cannot reply to https://community.cypress.com/t5/PSoC-5-3-1-MCU/We-were-unable-to-find-the-symbol-There-are-several-things-that/m-p/126258 from t... Show More
WICED Studio Bluetooth
Hello Infineon Support team [Background]We are evaluating CYBT-343026-01.Regarding RF regulatory certifications for Japan, we have referred "MIC_203-J... Show More
Hello ,  I am trying to send my  data from the encoder to my cy8ckit-043 to check for any errors along with my CRC polynomial. How do I set it up in m... Show More
Dear community members, We use the PWM component with a downstream RC circuit in our design to achieve a clean analog voltage of 0-5V. Unfortunately, ... Show More
PSoC Creator & Designer Software
Hi, I have a PSOC 4200M project that was working and debugging well.  A change must have been made, because all of the sudden, I could not reach any b... Show More
PSoC 5, 3 & 1 MCU
In electro-tech-online I asked about my need of making a device wich could generate a sinusoidal signal (by PWM method) with a 18F4550 Ucontroller, bu... Show More
PSoC Creator & Designer Software
I'm trying to learn if I can make a very slow clock without using up UDB/counters, etc.  The PSoC® 3: CY8C34 Family Datasheet says: Each clock divider... Show More
PSoC Creator & Designer Software
I used Psoc creator 4.3 for a log time with out getting such a issue. Since some days the creator freezes when trying to start debug. I updated to ver... Show More
PSoC Creator & Designer Software
Hi I've just started trying to use a PSoC 5LP for the first time. The green LED is on and the display shows the 3.3V input but Creator can't port acqu... Show More
PSoC 5, 3 & 1 MCU
Hi I encountered a problem while using AMUX to switch channel for 16 bit or higher resolution Delsig ADC. I verify that in CY8CKIT-050 board and run t... Show More

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